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Calculating Your Account Attrition (and How to Keep it Low)

Acceptable attrition rates for security and other recurring services hover around 7%, but one integrator keeps his under 1%. Learn how to measure attrition and keep clients longer.

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The ability to remotely view video of building renovations via an Internet-connected security camera has become a popular innovation in the construction industry. When that renovation involves the home stadium of a major sports team, the use of such technology provides fans with the ability to see the progress unfold ... May 31, 2008

Using Ethernet technology to transmit alarm signals is the future of the security industry. Coming to maturation at a time when the sun has set on advanced mobile phone service (AMPS) equipment, Internet protocol (IP) alarm communication is the technology dealers must now consider to ... April 30, 2008

The most popular historic estate in America, George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, is located 16 miles south of Washington, D.C. and rests on the banks ... April 30, 2008

Technological advances offer a reliable license plate capturing system that can operate effectively in nearly any condition. These tips and tricks will help you understand the opportunities your company can gain from offering this technology to new and existing customers. Click to view April 30, 2008

The amount of criminal activity increases during nighttime, which makes it that much more important to have a security system that operates effectively 24/7. Nearly all cameras can produce a decent image during daytime hours, but when night approaches, the system becomes compromised. Therefore, nighttime performance determines the overall effectiveness of ... March 31, 2008

Many systems integrators are beginning to deploy wireless Ethernet technologies to provide extended scalability and connectivity across farther distances. RF output energy and noise interference are among the key considerations for installing the appropriate network topology ... March 31, 2008

Ultra-compact badge printers are opening new market opportunities for smaller applications, while other workhorse devices print and encode magnetic stripe cards and smart cards for larger organizations. These new, userfriendly printers are providing security dealers with added revenue thanks to recurring sales of supplies ... March 31, 2008

The video surveillance industry is moving away from mainframe-based architecture. March 31, 2008


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