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Keeping It Real With False Alarms

Stay on the front lines in the battle against false alarms.

Latest in False Alarms

City officials in Warner Robins, Ga., have told residents to ignore any correspondence they receive from CryWolf after the company began asking residents intrusive questions. SSI Staff · April 24, 2017

The city adopted enhanced call verification (ECV), plus sharply reduced permit fees for alarm systems and hiked fines for false alarms. SSI Staff · April 14, 2017

The panel will include subject matter experts from law enforcement, technology, defense and security. SSI Staff · March 23, 2017

NOPD officials estimate false alarms cost taxpayers roughly $400,000 a year in police resources. SSI Staff · March 22, 2017

The city is currently in the middle of a review and overhaul of its regulations for alarm companies. SSI Staff · March 15, 2017

Residents and businesses that pay an annual fee are guaranteed police dispatch to intrusion alarms, but a computer glitch has compromised the program. SSI Staff · March 13, 2017

Why it is important to train your staff to recognize potential upselling opportunities. Bob Dolph · March 03, 2017

Repeat nuisance-alarm offenders run the risk of being added to a “do not respond list." SSI Staff · March 02, 2017

Honeywell has enhanced several key commercial products with cloud-based, video alarm verification technology. SSI Staff · February 16, 2017

The new messaging hub has been tested and refined by customers of its DIY subsidiary, LiveWatch. SSI Staff · February 01, 2017


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