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OT Systems HD-SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter

OT Systems of Plano, Ill., releases the NHD100Micro Series for fiber optic transmission.

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OT Systems of Plano, Ill., releases the NHD100Micro Series for fiber optic transmission. SSI Staff · April 02, 2012

When deploying optical fiber, there are four important decisions that must be made. June 19, 2011

Fiber-optic transmission systems supplier American Fibertek (AFI) has added new features to its Web site that will allow users to access product information in a more concise way ... January 17, 2011

The OneReach system by Berk-Tek of New Holland, Pa., a Nexans company, is an integrated power and data cable solution for extended distances beyond the 100 meters of conventional power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions. SSI Staff · November 25, 2010

Berk-Tek of New Holland, Pa., announces the availability of a new high density distribution fiber-optic cable, designated ACP (aramid connect plenum). SSI Staff · June 30, 2010

A nonprofit organization in Lancaster, Pa., spearheaded a 165-camera public video surveillance program to combat crime in most all public spaces. The fiber-backboned solution provides a fine example of how being connected in your community can lead to winning similar projects. By Rodney Bosch · July 31, 2009

Located in the heart of the MetroWest master-planned community in Orlando, Fla., a new Italian-style village center called ... By Rodney Bosch · October 31, 2008

SSI Staff · September 30, 2008

Up until now we’ve discussed the impact of the Convergence Wave on our businesses, but primarily from a commercial application viewpoint. What about the companies out there that do much or all of ... January 31, 2008

One technology that has been able to ride the Convergence Wave on both sides is fiber optics. Fiber has been used as a high bandwidth backbone media for ... November 30, 2007


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