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Huron Capital Launches Fire Detection Services Platform

Private equity firm taps ex-Siemens executive Terry Heath to Sciens Building Solutions.

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Installing heat and smoke detectors continues to be a steady job. Find out how to stoke customers’ flames of approval by including the latest tech and addressing requests and logistical concerns. Steve Karantzoulidis · April 13, 2017

Private equity firm taps ex-Siemens executive Terry Heath to Sciens Building Solutions. SSI Staff · September 03, 2015

The Los Angeles Fire Department will offer the free smoke alarms in an effort to reduce deadly residential fires. SSI Staff · September 09, 2014

System Sensor of St. Charles, Ill., releases the Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire/CO Detector (AMCF/CO), which meet both fire and carbon monoxide (CO) code requirements in a single addressable device, according to the company. SSI Staff · July 21, 2013

The new St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center located in Twin Falls, Idaho, has installed a state-of-the art fire detection system that integrates with other security and life safety systems to minimize disruptions to unaffected areas. April 24, 2013

Fire in mission-critical facilities can threaten the business as well as human life. Lessen your clients’ chances of suffering monetary or mortal loss with a sophisticated fire protection system that integrates seamlessly with the entire environment. Discover how to safeguard these assets with an effective blend of detection and suppression technologies.  March 05, 2013

 After years of struggling with its outdated fire alarm system, a 450,000-square-foot facility containing critical infrastructure and telecom equipment required an upgrade. A local integrator helped deploy an advanced, five-node fire protection system with expandable, cost-effective networking capabilities. May 13, 2012

While the controlled use of fire predates written history, it has taken humans until modern times to nearly master its deadly capabilities. Thankfully today, an array of detection technologies has drastically reduced the threat to lives and property as the result of fire, smoke and gases. Get up to speed on the latest fire safety innovations. May 06, 2012

To expand its gas and flame detection, and monitoring solutions, Honeywell has acquired Fire Sentry Corp., a fire detection and control products provider. Terms of the deal were not released. January 27, 2012

The advanced multicriteria fire detector by System Sensor of St. Charles, Ill., combines four separate detection methods into one product. SSI Staff · October 16, 2011


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