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Why Security Companies Can Entrust Their Clients’ Cyber Defense With Managed Service Providers

With cybersecurity issues and concerns rising among commercial security clientele, it behooves physical security integrators to align themselves with IT MSPs to create a two-way street of opportunity.

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The PX8 by Pacom of Sarasota, Fla., is an alarm control and access control panel along with a reader interface, all in one unit. SSI Staff · February 28, 2006

The GVI Access Control Enterprise by GVI of Carrollton, Texas, is software designed to enhance any access management system whether the user is operating in a single-server environment or a multiregion, multiserver system. SSI Staff · February 28, 2006

ISONAS Security Systems of Nivvot, Colo., has released an IP reader that allows security professionals to connect directly to a client's network without using the typical access controller panels. SSI Staff · February 28, 2006

Wheelock Inc. of Long Branch, N.J., releases a new line of ceiling-mount speakers and speaker strobes to complement its line of fire/life-safety products. SSI Staff · February 28, 2006

SSI Staff · January 31, 2006

SSI Staff · January 31, 2006

SSI Staff · January 31, 2006

SSI Staff · January 31, 2006

SSI Staff · January 31, 2006

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) of Springfield, Mo., has received UL approval for its Clear Touch keypad, Model 7760. The device is designed for both residential and commercial use and includes a number of notable features such as audible and visual alarm notification, as well as a cool blue light that turns red when there's an alarm condition. SSI Staff · January 31, 2006

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