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SSI Staff · December 31, 2004

SSI Staff · December 31, 2004

Security companies can now do more than merely help their customers detect a fire in progress. The Fireblanket, distributed by ADI of Mellville, N.Y., offers dealers an unusual opportunity to be proactive in fire protection, not just fire detection. SSI Staff · December 31, 2004

Smoke detectors have saved more lives than can be counted, but Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, N.Y., recently released four new models that have the ability to significantly reduce false alarms. SSI Staff · December 31, 2004

Napco Security Systems, based in Amnityville, N.Y., entered the Internet video market with the VCAM-I network/IP video camera and ViP-Gateway universal four-camera IP module. SSI Staff · December 31, 2004


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