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Biometrics Stocks to Watch Amid New iPhone Hoopla

As the new iPhone launches with a mobile payment app and a fingerprint recognition reader, a Web site has complied a directory of publicly traded companies that play in the biometrics field.

Latest in Honeywell

Fire-Lite Alarms, part of Honeywell's Life Safety group, announces its first annual Best-of-the-Best calendar competition. Customers are invited to promote their company and their most unique fire alarm installations in a search to find the most dedicated installers worldwide. August 14, 2007

Louisville, Ky.-based Honeywell introduces the XLS3000 Digital Voice Command, a digital audio evacuation, paging and firefighter telephone system that integrates with XLS3000 fire alarm control panels for tailored notification and increased occupant safety during an emergency. SSI Staff · July 31, 2007

With the FCC-approved obsolescence of AMPS squarely in its sights, the alarm industry is poised to embark on a new era of wireless communications. July 31, 2007

Silent Knight, part of Honeywell's Life Safety Group, announces its new "Lunch and Learn" training program, designed to educate architects, specifying engineers and others about the many facets of purchasing a fire alarm system. July 09, 2007

Honeywell Power Products (HPP) of Northford, Conn., introduces its new applications guide, providing convenient access to comprehensive information on its wide range of power supplies for fire, video, intrusion and access control systems. SSI Staff · June 30, 2007

Honeywell of Louisville, Ky., has unveiled its NetAXS access control panel, a four-door programmable panel offering a hybrid Web- or PC-based system. Using a built-in Web server, the system can be accessed anywhere the Internet is available. SSI Staff · May 31, 2007

Although security industry stocks trailed the overall market in 2006, the sector still posted solid returns during the year. January 31, 2007

The WIN-PAK SE with VISTA integration by Honeywell of Louisville, KY., is a single interface that combines access control and video with intrusion. SSI Staff · December 31, 2006

The PW-6000 intelligent controller by Honeywell of Louisville, Ky., uses advanced hardware architecture capable of performing access control in large enterprise applications. SSI Staff · November 30, 2006

Honeywell Power Products (HPP) of Northford, Conn., releases the HPF24S6 and HPF24S8 fire alarm power supplies. Both models will operate in standalone mode or as part of an integrated fire alarm system where activation comes from a connected 12V or 24V fire alarm control panel (FACP). SSI Staff · October 31, 2006


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