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Reduce Video Surveillance Costs for Education Facilities with Centralization

The industry-wide migration to IP video surveillance over the last few years has had many benefits, but chief among them may be the ability to centralize. Download this Security Sales & Integration White…

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Working with CCTV systems typically offers a select number of application technology choices. You can take the old standard route of laying an array of coaxial cable and connecting standard analog cameras or, as we see more and more today, you also have the option of creating a network configuration with category cable, such as ... June 30, 2008

Is the convergence trend revolutionizing the fundamental structure of the security industry? Based on everything we know from all the research in the J.P. Freeman Co. 2008 convergence market report, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Looking ahead 10 years, how many changes ... June 30, 2008

Davidson College, the nationally-respected liberal arts school located near Charlotte, N.C., is a case-in-point of how IP-based alarm signal communications is hastening the evolution of traditional security and fire/life-safety systems. Strapped with excessive recurring cost to operate its legacy solution, the college turned to ... By Rodney Bosch · June 30, 2008

The ability to remotely view video of building renovations via an Internet-connected security camera has become a popular innovation in the construction industry. When that renovation involves the home stadium of a major sports team, the use of such technology provides fans with the ability to see the progress unfold ... May 31, 2008

The shift to digital technology and IP-based solutions is readily apparent, especially at the big trade shows. Jim Talbot, CEO of Chicago-based Ionit Technologies, a provider of advanced DVR systems, provides his perspective on what security contractors could be doing better to take advantage of sales opportunities beyond legacy infrastructure. May 31, 2008

A stock market maxim says that past performance does not necessarily indicate future returns. Nowadays, the same holds true for the ... September 30, 2007

Deploying IP cameras necessitates not only an indoctrination of networking concepts, but also a firm grasp of analog video and how to translate those design principles into the language of digital surveillance. Sizing up an application calls for equal consideration of a range of factors, such as purpose, location, light, bandwidth and image size. September 01, 2007

As the size of broadband pipelines continue to increase, the amount of data seems to expand right along with them. Therefore, the bandwidth consumed by IP video system transmission continues to be paramount.Fortunately, there are numerous compression solutions available to help. August 01, 2007

Whether a system is analog, hybrid or entirely IP-based, it’s all for naught if the camera fails to capture quality images.While it’s true many of the optimizing principles of older analog cameras apply to their IP successors, the technology introduces enough new wrinkles to keep even the most skilled integrators on their toes. May 01, 2007

Networked video surveillance systems are at the forefront of the convergence of IT and physical security. However, no matter what the delivery method, the proven, time-tested principles of CCTV system design remain vital. Applying these theories to IP-based systems can help overcome some inherent shortcomings. March 01, 2007

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