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Report: IP Video Sales to Outdo Analog in 2013

Global sales of IP video products will overtake analog video equipment by 2013, according to a new report by IMS Research.

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Global sales of IP video products will overtake analog video equipment by 2013, according to a new report by IMS Research. June 11, 2012

KBC Networks and Ingram Micro Inc.'s new partnership will bring KBC's comprehensive range of video and data transmission products to Ingram Micro's customer base of security resellers and integrators ... October 19, 2010

Panasonic has served the security industry for more than 50 years and continues to demonstrate nimbleness in meeting evolving technology and business trends today. Jean-Marc Allain, the new president of Panasonic System Solutions Co. (PSSA), discusses the abundance of opportunities in the face of current economic woes. By Scott Goldfine · February 10, 2009

Even if a building owner had enough foresight to install an access control system during new construction, it would have been very difficult to predict the future and current demand of access control systems. Not only will the security objectives of the facility evolve with mature expansion not too far behind, but a host of outside issues created by standards and regulations will ... August 31, 2008

The whitepaper defines the growth and scope of IT responsibilities as well as explore ways in which IP video surveillance can be used to add to the overall contributions of the IT department, both internally and via profit-generating business operations. August 06, 2008

As an Irish kid growing up in the melting pot of New Jersey, I commonly heard the popular Jewish expression, “Oy vey!” (actually from the Yiddish language). It was used to convey seemingly anything from the absolute delight in the birth of a bouncing red-cheeked newborn to a parental lament to an unexpectedly poor report card from the protégé. However, in general ... July 31, 2008

Is the convergence trend revolutionizing the fundamental structure of the security industry? Based on everything we know from all the research in the J.P. Freeman Co. 2008 convergence market report, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Looking ahead 10 years, how many changes ... June 30, 2008

The emergence of network-like technology in the fire alarm industry is already underway. Although progress is somewhat slow and the degree of implementation varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, overall the industry is moving in the direction of a network-based solution with information technology (IT) clearly in view. A handful of fire equipment manufacturers have recently given us ... June 30, 2008

There are trends that affect every industry, and business planners supplying those industries have to make the determination to ride them or — if they feel their self-interests are not well served — ignore them. The decision to get involved is pretty simple. The opportunity is laid out along with a rationale and the investments required. Sometimes a backup appraisal of the “price to pay” for ... May 31, 2008

Call it convergence, call it IP, call it networking — call it whatever you want — but the similarities between this year’s presidential primaries and what’s going on in security departments everywhere are ... April 30, 2008


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