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Visonic PowerG Dual Technology Detector

The TOWER-32AM PG2 dual technology detector by Visonic of Bloomfield, Conn., a Tyco Security Products company, combines advanced PIR detection algorithms with K-band microwave detection to reduce false…

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There is certainly more science than hocus pocus involved in maximizing the accuracy and value of an intrusion alarm system. However, a high level of skill is required for a successful technician or magician, and proper use of sensors and installation methods can produce results no less amazing. By Bob Dolph · March 08, 2012

The 4-Channel Voice Receiver (STI-V34104) by Waterford, Mich.-based Safety Technology Int'l (STI) monitors up to four different STI devices at a single location. SSI Staff · February 21, 2012

Interlogix of Bradenton, Fla., releases the Simon XTi wireless security system, which offers 40 zones of burglary and fire protection. SSI Staff · February 19, 2012

Honeywell of Melville, N.Y., releases the Tuxedo Touch, a touchscreen controller that combines security and lifestyle technology by allowing home and business owners to centrally control both security and automation functions such as temperature, lighting and more. SSI Staff · January 23, 2012

Visonic Ltd. of Bloomfield, Conn., a Tyco Security Products company, releases the CLIP PG2, a two-way wireless passive infrared (PIR) perimeter detector designed to product doors, windows and all-glass walls. SSI Staff · December 07, 2011

The wireless driveway monitor by Waterford, Mich.-based Safety Technology Int'l (STI) detects when a vehicle enters or leaves a protected driveway. SSI Staff · November 13, 2011

Honeywell of Melville, N.Y., unveils the VeriLock sensor technology, which embeds in Honeywell's 5800 Series of wireless sensors inside the locking mechanisms of a select group of windows and patio doors manufactured by Eagle Window & Door Manufacturing Inc. SSI Staff · November 11, 2011

Visonic Ltd. of Bloomfield, Conn., releases the PowerMaster-30, a wireless alarm system for large residential homes and mid-size businesses. SSI Staff · November 10, 2011

The RealAlarm home security solution by Visonic of Bloomfield, Conn., uses PowerG RF technology. SSI Staff · October 30, 2011

A day after Wayne Alarm Systems installed a 14-camera system in a Massachusetts home, a woman views to intruders breaking into her home after assessing footage of camera views. The woman's four-month-old baby and nanny were present during the break-in. Rodney Bosch · October 12, 2011


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