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The Secret Service Could Learn From Alarm and Security Professionals

Following the recent White House breach, aggressive and sweeping changes need to be implemented at the White House now. Here's why the Secret Service should subscribe to many of the proven practices security…

Latest in Intrusion Detection

Police arrested three men for breaking into a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based pawnshop with the help of an audio alarm system. July 19, 2011

Magnetic reed contacts are not only the first line of defense in an alarm application, but also the least expensive and most reliable product for a building's perimeter. Recently another technology that uses a metal can and a little ball was featured in SSI's March issue ("A Breakthrough in Alarm Switches"). The article discussed the advantages of a particular sensor device while tearing into present reed-switch based technology. June 29, 2011

The TriTech long range motion detector by Bosch Security Systems of Fairport, N.Y., combines passive infrared (PIR) with adjustable microwave sensing technologies. SSI Staff · June 26, 2011

iControl Networks of Palo Alto, Calif., and Visonic Ltd. of Bloomfield, Conn., release an enhanced version of the iControl OpenHome software platform, which now features Visonic wireless security sensors. SSI Staff · June 13, 2011

The Safe & Sound interactive exhibit truck by Bosch Security Systems allows dealers, integrators and end users to participate in hands-on product demonstrations ... April 12, 2011

Visonic Ltd. of Bloomfield, Conn., releases the DISC MCW wireless ceiling mount detector, which combines 360° detection capabilities with a miniature, unobtrusive housing design. SSI Staff · March 30, 2011

After watching a news report about 94-year-old Philadelphia woman being attacked in her home by an intruder, Vector Security provided the victim with a free security system and monitoring ... Rodney Bosch · January 06, 2011

Police are on the hunt for a thief who stole $750,000 worth of art and jewelry, as well as a home surveillance system, from an apartment in the Meatpacking District ... December 27, 2010

EE Systems Group Inc. of Temple City, Calif., releases the EE966D, a pure digital PIR detector based on patented revolutionary patented ePIR technology. SSI Staff · October 24, 2010

A new ordinance for the city of San Juan (Texas) will require all regulated business to have surveillance cameras ... September 15, 2010