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Visonic PowerG Dual Technology Detector

The TOWER-32AM PG2 dual technology detector by Visonic of Bloomfield, Conn., a Tyco Security Products company, combines advanced PIR detection algorithms with K-band microwave detection to reduce false…

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Some things just shouldn't move, or at least not very far.

The fact is that company assets such as expensive equipment and home valuables like flat-screen televisions make attractive targets for ambitious thieves. December 31, 2007

Intrusion detection has come a long way since the days of trip-wire activated burglar alarms. Sensors are now “smarter” and can accurately recognize threats while avoiding changes in the environment and minimizing false alarms. With cities throughout the United States opting to incorporate verified response legislation, accuracy of intrusion sensors is paramount. New wireless designs, mesh capabilities and ... December 31, 2007


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