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How Effective Is Your Firm’s Money Management Strategy?

A strong cash flow is crucial for companies to grow and expand, but some firm’s are operating in tight cash control mode.

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Vivint has appointed David Bywater as COO, where he will be responsible for the daily operations of the company, including customer operations, human resources, field service, and supply chain. September 09, 2013

Diebold Inc. has opened its new Electronic Security headquarters here to centralize operations and support growth initiatives for its electronic security business. September 05, 2013

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Owners of small companies may want to act to transfer minority interests in their business to take advantage of current federal estate and gift tax law. Understanding and applying proper valuation protocols is key. September 02, 2013

Barnes Associates' Mike Barnes expounds on the relationship between Beacon credit scores and attrition. By Ken Kirschenbaum · September 01, 2013


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