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Capitalizing on Your Central Station’s Brains & Brawn

Learn how central stations can aid in implementing best practices to standardize installations and maximize overall account value.

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Do you own the phone number programmed into the alarm dialers? You should. By Mark Matlock · September 03, 2012

Explaining the importance of errors and omission insurance. By Kevin Lehan · July 31, 2012

Many security professionals may not fully realize the impact remote services are having on the industry. By Peter Giacalone · July 01, 2012

In the latest "Monitoring Matters" column, Mark Matlock explains why dealers need to get onboard with upselling as their sales strategy. By Mark Matlock · June 14, 2012

Adding A/V systems to your portfolio can help fend off new competitors. By Kevin Lehan · May 15, 2012

How basic central station tools can help you greatly enhance customer service. By Peter Giacalone · April 05, 2012

In this article, United Central Control Inc. (UCC) Senior Vice President Mark Matlock addresses concerns surrounding IP transmitters. By Mark Matlock · March 13, 2012

Marketing communication with your alarm system customers should not only happen during the presale stage, but throughout your professional relationship. Continuous communication with your customers will help lengthen your affiliation and often result in additional sales opportunities after customers realize they need a service your company provides. By Kevin Lehan · February 14, 2012

In this column, Peter Giacalone explains why remote services are so important to the well-being of alarm businesses. By Peter Giacalone · January 17, 2012

I  am frequently asked by my alarm dealer customers what I think their alarm accounts are worth, i.e., what multiple can they can expect from a buyer. The answer is complex as there is no "universal" multiple paid for alarm accounts. December 25, 2011

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