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Controlling Security Account Attrition With Greater Aplomb

Here are some ways security alarm companies can keep their existing accounts, which ultimately helps grow value, equity and profits.

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In this article, United Central Control Inc. (UCC) Senior Vice President Mark Matlock addresses concerns surrounding IP transmitters. By Mark Matlock · March 13, 2012

Marketing communication with your alarm system customers should not only happen during the presale stage, but throughout your professional relationship. Continuous communication with your customers will help lengthen your affiliation and often result in additional sales opportunities after customers realize they need a service your company provides. By Kevin Lehan · February 14, 2012

In this column, Peter Giacalone explains why remote services are so important to the well-being of alarm businesses. By Peter Giacalone · January 17, 2012

I  am frequently asked by my alarm dealer customers what I think their alarm accounts are worth, i.e., what multiple can they can expect from a buyer. The answer is complex as there is no "universal" multiple paid for alarm accounts. December 25, 2011

Like many disagreements, the rift between the alarm industry and Illinois municipalities that entered into the alarm-monitoring business was a result of a lack of communication. By Kevin Lehan · November 10, 2011

The topic of central station redundancy and its significance is always a popular subject. This is especially so in the wake of Hurricane Irene's wrath along the East Coast. By Peter Giacalone · October 18, 2011

As plain old telephone service (POTS) continues to fade into obsolescence, alarm dealers are increasingly choosing to send alarm signals via IP-based communications. By Mark Matlock · September 27, 2011

Commonly, alarm dealers want to build a base of accounts to derive recurring monthly revenue (RMR) that will fund their operations; but, ultimately, those accounts provide a large asset that can be "cashed out" as needed or at retirement. To maximize the value of the accounts, there are two key tactics that should be followed: always keep current contracts with customers and have all accounts residing on your own line card. By Kevin Lehan · August 16, 2011

It seems the rapid pace of Internet sales and door-knocking campaigns have caused some traditional alarm dealers to resort to a faster, less comprehensive sales pitch. Some have gone from the comprehensive in-home sales presentation to a fast-and-furious pitched attempt at a power close. By Peter Giacalone · July 19, 2011

Given our propensity for smartphones and interactive technology, the more savvy alarm dealers are gearing their offerings toward this trend. More than ever manufacturers and third-party vendors are really coming up to speed with mostly IP-based, interactive security systems and devices. By Mark Matlock · June 26, 2011