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South Carolina City Launches Video Surveillance Network

The city of Conway has spent $40,000 to install 25 cameras in high traffic areas.

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The Clark County Prosecutor’s Office is asking residents and business owners with video surveillance cameras to give officers access to private security feeds to help solve crimes. SSI Staff · August 18, 2015

The city of Conway has spent $40,000 to install 25 cameras in high traffic areas. SSI Staff · August 10, 2015

The Buffalo Police Department is reaching out to residents and business owners with video surveillance solutions in an effort to help officers solve crimes. SSI Staff · July 10, 2015

The Arlington Police Department’s new “Neighborhood Eyes” program will give officers to private security camera feeds. Authorities believe this will help the department better respond to crimes. SSI Staff · June 18, 2015

Baltimore’s decision to save video footage of Freddie Gray’s arrest and the unrest that followed has limited the city’s CitiWatch cameras’ storage capacity. SSI Staff · June 15, 2015

A survey taken by business owners in downtown Fargo, N.D. reveals that many companies want police to install more security cameras on city streets. SSI Staff · June 09, 2015

The nonprofit group has started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the cost of beefing up its crime-fighting camera system. SSI Staff · March 11, 2015

The city of Gulfport has filed a lawsuit against Maximum Security Solutions. The city claims the security systems integrator refuses to replace six of the municipalities nonworking cameras, despite the security firm’s offer of a 60-month/five-year warranty for all parts and labor required to repair of service all equipment. SSI Staff · March 10, 2015

The Detroit Police Department want to merge private and public security camera feeds, anticipating that it will help officers respond to crimes faster. SSI Staff · February 12, 2015

The nine-camera surveillance network will allow the Conway Police Department to monitor large, city-owned areas, such as parks, remotely. SSI Staff · December 10, 2014


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