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Demystifying Emergency Communications System Message Delivery

Proper design of an emergency communications system requiring voice intelligibility depends on factors such as room acoustics, speaker layout and even the manner in which the person is announcing a live…

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The fire protection industry is an ever-changing environment. If it were not, fire codes would remain the same year after year, cycle after cycle, and our job would be less complicated. Oftentimes, changes occur in the fire protection industry because of advances in fire detection technology, while ... April 30, 2008

In the early morning hours of Dec. 27, 2003, an accidental fire pillaged through a boys summer camp in Naples, Maine. The camp was temporarily closed through the winter season. The fire alarm system had failed, propagating the blaze to burn for nearly an hour before the inferno was detected by the building supervisor and only then were the local fire authorities notified. April 30, 2008

Last month, we discussed some of the ins and outs associated with the installation of automatic smoke detectors. This month, my goal is to cover testing — including the sometimes misunderstood sensitivity, or ... March 31, 2008

Last month we talked about the many ways fire and burglar alarm technicians use relays. We covered some of the code compliance issues associated with their use as well as how to ... January 31, 2008

Maine has adopted the latest edition of several National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire and life safety codes. The latest adoptions will set fire and life safety requirements for new and existing buildings in the state. October 03, 2007

Can you please tell me what code says about an alarm installer’s responsibility where it comes to installing a full complement of automatic smoke detectors in ... September 30, 2007

Training is one of the most critical elements in the installation and service of fire alarm systems. Unless a fire technician knows and understands every aspect of the job, terrible things can happen to the ... August 31, 2007

Addressable technology is making fire alarm systems more effective, reliable and valuable than ever by pinpointing the precise location of trouble. Discover the many benefits these systems offer fire alarm system providers, their customers and the general public. April 30, 2007

Fire alarm systems are basically used in four different ways: to detect fires, respond to the manual activation of a fire alarm device, monitor signals from other fire-related systems and alert the building occupants to evacuate the building, and to alert off-site authorities so they may respond to the situation. April 30, 2007