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30 That Set 2013’s Technology Course

Today’s flood of new products and technologies rain down on security professionals in a torrential downpour. SSI’s 2013 Top Technology Innovations navigates those waters with 30 picks…

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As organizations implement bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, which enable employees to use their personal devices for work activities, systems integrators will be increasingly thrown into the BYOD fray as they seize opportunities to provide technologies and consultative services to end customers. By Rodney Bosch · July 02, 2013

The skill and will to communicate more effectively separates the great systems integrators from those that are merely good. Learn problem warning signs and corrective measures. By Paul Boucherle · July 01, 2013

The electronic security industry continues to soar beyond its hardware-based legacy into the new world of software-centric solutions. Find out how the four main areas of technology are interacting today, and why mobile apps are becoming the apple of security professionals’ eyes. By Paul Boucherle · June 02, 2013

Professionals and academics within and outside the electronic security industry have come to rely on the wealth of market data served up annually in SSI’s Gold Book edition. Scratching beneath the surface lends further insights on business improvement and emerging technology adoption. By Paul Boucherle · April 30, 2013

Paul Boucherle explains this newly created acronym in his latest blog. Paul Boucherle · April 24, 2013

While there has been much buzz of late about opportunities for security integrators to tap into the emerging area of Big Data, new global research by Cisco indicates IT professionals and businesses themselves are struggling to get their arms fully around the concept. The Cisco Connected World Technology Report (CCWTR) surveyed 1,800 IT professionals across 18 countries to examine the IT readiness, challenges, technology gaps and strategic value of implementing Big Data projects. By Rodney Bosch · April 02, 2013

Fortunately for both security integrators and their end-user customers, technology providers are collaborating like never before to bring amazing capabilities into the marketplace. At the top of that list is video analytics, which is finally working out the bugs, kinks and false alarms to deliver on its extremely high potential. By Paul Boucherle · April 02, 2013

The time has come to stop dreaming or theorizing about what video analytics could accomplish in an ideal scenario and embrace the fact the technology is finally ready to deliver across a range of applications. Today’s analytic solutions offer a wealth of security and business benefits far beyond what was previously possible. By Paul Boucherle · March 06, 2013

No disrespect to Bo Derrick, the most famous “10” of all, but SSI’s 2012 Top Technology Innovations are just as well equipped in all the right places. Whether it’s the latest in video, access, detection or breakthroughs in wireless, thermal or cloud technology, our tech experts have it covered. See which products made the cut and why. By Paul Boucherle, Bob Dolph and Scott Goldfine · December 02, 2012

To help electronic security contractors improve their businesses, Matterhorn Consulting, a business consulting and sales training company, presented a skill development series titled, “Lead Like a Marine,” during InsideIQ Building Alliance’s Fall Meeting on Oct. 14-17 here. November 06, 2012


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