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Phased-In Black Oak Casino Resort Project Set on Stunning Video Surveillance

California’s Black Oak Casino Resort enlists Surveillance Systems Integration for a leading-edge video system upgrade marked by advanced networked technology. The analog-to-IP conversion encompasses…

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Pelco by Schneider Electric of Clovis, Calif., releases the upgraded Digital Sentry Series hardware platform, with a new DSSRV NVR powered with the latest processor and on-board graphics technologies at its core. SSI Staff · July 31, 2012

Pelco by Schneider Electric of Clovis, Calif., releases the DX4700HD and DX4800HD Series hybrid video recorders (HVR). SSI Staff · May 24, 2012

Welcome back to SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION's "Security Speaking" podcast! Here, two top Schneider Electric executives shares Pelco's topmost objectives in the electronic security marketplace. April 23, 2012

Pelco by Schneider Electric of Clovis, Calif., releases the C20 Series box cameras. SSI Staff · March 26, 2012

Led by the design and installation services of Surveillance Systems Integration (SSI), Treasure Island Hotel & Casino (TI) recently completed a comprehensive upgrade of its analog VCR and matrix system with a Pelco Endura 2.0 video management system (VMS). February 02, 2012

Citing a turbulent economy and rising material costs as the reason for the job cuts, this is Pelco's third round of layoffs this year. October 23, 2011

Pelco by Schneider Electric cut 50 jobs due to a turbulent economy and rising material costs, the company announced Wednesday. September 27, 2011

The World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11 was not only monumental in terms of U.S. history but also the single most significant catalyst of change for the electronic security industry. For this 10th anniversary observance, high level perspectives are presented from suppliers, integrators, market analysts and others about the indelible impact this tragedy has had on security, and how it continues to shape its future. By Rodney Bosch · September 08, 2011

The Sarix IX Series IP camera by Pelco by Schneider Electric of Clovis, Calif. features SureVision technology, a combination of wide dynamic range (WDR), low-light and anti-bloom capabilities. SSI Staff · August 16, 2011

The Narrow Bezel LCD monitors by Clovis, Calif.-based Pelco by Schneider Electric features full high-definition (HD) 1,920p x 1,080p resolution and edges that range from just 9.6 mm to 17.4 mm. SSI Staff · May 24, 2011