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7 Ways Sound Detection Delivers

Sound detection devices are expanding in their applications to cover glass breaking, gunshots, and more.

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In an effort to make the company more customer-centered, Potter Electric Signal Co. has reduced the number of distributors that will have access to its line of addressable fire panels. October 03, 2011

Potter Electric Signal Co. of St. Louis releases the PFC Series, IP-based addressable fire panels with a full complement of modules, detectors, notification devices and voice evacuation systems. SSI Staff · May 10, 2011

First Tennessee Bank will now serve as Potter Electric Signal Co.'s primary bank as the company refinances its senior secured debt ... October 26, 2010

The Amseco SSX-52 Series of indoor/outdoor sirens is the latest product introduction from St. Louis-based Potter Electric Signal Co. SSI Staff · October 12, 2010

Engineers from Potter Electric Signal Co. and Tokyo-based Nohmi Bosai Ltd. have jointly designed a new line of intelligent fire protection systems to complement and complete the companies' existing lines. July 05, 2010

St. Louis-based Potter Electric Signal Co. introduces two 120V indoor/outdoor weatherproof strobe options. SSI Staff · May 23, 2010

St. Louis-based Potter Electric Signal Co. has designed six- and 10-amp power supplies with built-in sync generation for Potter/Amseco, System Sensor, Gentex and Wheelock notification appliances. The product includes patent-pending Quadrasync technology, which allows the user to synchronize any input type with multiple output circuits of different sync protocols and all of the strobes will flash together. SSI Staff · February 01, 2010

Fire and security detection company Potter Electric Signal Co. LLC boosted its product offerings by way of its British subsidiary, Potter UK Holdings Ltd., acquiring Elmdene Int’l Ltd. Terms of the deal were ... May 31, 2008

Potter of St. Louis announces its Amseco MH-12/24 and MH-12/24T mini-horns. These horns are low-current piezo remote signaling devices ranging in voltage from 12V to 24VDC. SSI Staff · February 28, 2007