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Making More Money With Monitored Security Services

Executives from third-party central monitoring stations assess the marketplace and shed light on how dealers can increase their overall recurring revenue offerings in commercial and residential markets.

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Moving the broadband service value proposition beyond just “speeds and feeds” will be an essential element in boosting customer satisfaction and establishing value-added services that can create new revenue opportunities. February 28, 2010

The first entry of our three-part series, "How to Grow RMR With Managed Access Control," explains how to lay the groundwork to meet customers' needs and boost your revenues. February 11, 2010

Remote video offers security contractors an attractive service to sell. Taking it a step further, interactive surveillance transforms the security dynamic from deterrence to prevention. February 10, 2010

January 31, 2010

Sargenti has been in the business almost as long as I have, and I've known him for most of that time. A great deal of what happens in accounts financing in the alarm industry today is as a direct result of some of the innovative thinking that Sargenti has had through the years. By Ron Davis · December 31, 2009

OK, the economy is in the dumps, customers have no money, and security services and contracts are being cut. Nobody said conducting business as normal would be easy. However, that being said, the security market is one that typically holds up pretty well during bad times and this recession is no different. December 31, 2009

G4S Monitoring and Data Center has developed a technology and marketing collaboration with Integrator Support LLC to offer hosted access control services to systems integrators. December 17, 2009

End-user organizations that supply their own in-house proprietary monitoring and services usually cause contract security providers to retreat and move on to the next prospect. However, in this time of economic challenges and cost-cutting pressures, most organizations would indeed consider an alternative if it met their logistical, fiscal and security requirements. By Peter Giacalone · September 30, 2009

August 31, 2009

With a new security services division and the acquisition of a respected central station, Mace Security Int’l is garnering attention for its strategic repositioning. Led by Dennis Raefield and a plum management team, a company once adrift is fighting back with a new product line and a forthcoming dealer program focused on managed services. By Rodney Bosch · August 31, 2009

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