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Latest in Remote Video Monitoring

August 22, 2013

Leaps in technology and affordability associated with video, networking and mobile devices have greatly expanded the feasibility, demand and opportunities of remotely viewed surveillance video. Learn the steps to bring your clients the solutions they need to more effectively manage safety and operations. By Paul Boucherle · April 11, 2012

End users are increasingly expecting instantaneous communications anywhere, anytime, including IP-based video surveillance. Accordingly, solutions are being introduced that accommodate this growing market segment, and also simplify system installation and servicing for integrators. March 25, 2012

Remote video services help clients justify capital investments in security surveillance systems and obtain valuable features unavailable via localized video solutions. Security contractors are in a prime position to generate new recurring revenue streams from this lucrative business opportunity. By Jerry Cordasco · February 26, 2012

Netwatch USA, a remote video monitoring company, has opened a new office here. The company expects to create 50 jobs within the next 18 months in the United States. February 21, 2012

Remote video services, such as remote video monitoring and remote guarding, are providing newfound recurring revenue streams for independent installing security contractors. Although the marketplace continues to develop, providing these advanced video services is not without challenges, says Jerry Cordasco, vice president of operations for the G4S Technology security monitoring center in Burlington, Mass. By Rodney Bosch · November 15, 2011

Remote services such as video guard tours and verification appeal to end users, and have the potential to be very lucrative for integrators. Find out what’s involved to succeed in this growing marketplace from technology, sales and marketing, and operational standpoints. June 14, 2011

The PowerManage by Visonic Ltd. of Bloomfield, Conn., serves as an all-in-one IP receiver for the company's security systems via Broadband and GPRS. SSI Staff · May 16, 2011

The Addison Police Department now has a new 24-hour monitoring tool to protect local businesses monitored by Dallas-based Stealth Monitoring ... March 09, 2011

Dealers and integrators who have taken the time to explore the value proposition as well as the inner details of services such as remote video monitoring and remote access control are seeing results. Peter Giacalone · September 09, 2010