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Answering Fire Safety Prayers

As a leading place for people to congregate, attend school and special events, and participate in a variety of activities, houses of worship strive to be safe havens. A pair of church case studies spread…

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Silent Knight by Honeywell of Northford, Conn., has upgraded the IntelliKnight 5600, a 25-point fire alarm control panel, to simplify installation and operation. SSI Staff · December 28, 2011

Silent Knight by Honeywell of Northford, Conn., introduces the Farenhyt IFP-NET-3, a fire alarm monitoring system designed to simplify the management and maintenance of multiple fire alarms and speed response to emergency events. SSI Staff · November 27, 2011

To meet code requirements and comply with the local municipality, Tudor Oaks Community has undergone an extensive renovation of its antiquated fire alarm system. Among the principal upgrades has been installing almost 200 horn strobes with 177 candela. Ashley Willis · November 02, 2011

When Spokane Public Schools (SPS) embarked on a district-wide renovation of its schools and facilities, a locally-based systems integrator was called on to provide an extensive upgrade to the fire/life-safety systems. Ashley Willis · June 28, 2011

An installing security contractor advises Sony Pictures Studios to implement a wireless solution to replace the hugely inefficient hardwired heat detection in its famed sound stages. Success and first-class customer service fosters a lasting relationship ... By Rodney Bosch · May 03, 2011

Fire alarm installers who successfully complete Knight School, a Silent Knight by Honeywell-sponsored course, qualify for continuing education credits (CEUs) ... April 27, 2011

Northford, Conn.-based Silent Knight by Honeywell introduces the Silent Knight firefighter phone (SK-FFT), which offers as many as 48 supervised, remote audio connections. SSI Staff · April 06, 2011

Attendees of Silent Knight by Honeywell's upcoming fire alarm technology and code seminars will qualify to receive 0.4 continuing education units (CEU) or 4.5 continuing profession development (CPD) units ... February 28, 2011

Jonathan Beach has been named regional sales manager for the U.S. northwest territory for Silent Knight by Honeywell ... December 14, 2010

Silent Knight by Honeywell has introduced an IP communicator, which is designed to enable the transmission of fire alarm system information to a central monitoring station via any standard IP line. June 22, 2010


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