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Whitepaper: Smart Cards Offer Better Security for Online Transactions

The Smart Card Alliance Identity Council released a whitepaper this week illustrating why online shoppers should choose smart card credentials for online transactions that require higher levels of security.

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While you may not have to serve a medical residency to work with hospitals, getting a firm handle on these clients’ unique access control challenges and needs is a nonelective procedure. Find out what you really need to know to earn your doctorate in health-care security. May 31, 2009

Adding card identity solutions to your offerings can be a practical means to build new revenue. Multifunctional ID cards represent the focal point of converging physical and logical security, and adding photo IDs can enhance end-user solutions and cultivate better customer relationships. January 31, 2009

Physical access control provider Hirsch Electronics Corp. and SCM Microsystems Inc., a German manufacturer of smart card-based ... December 31, 2008

HID Global of Irvine, Calif., launches its bioCLASSTM RKLB57 smart card field enroller, an iCLASS® contactless smart card reader with LCD screen, keypad and biometric sensor that provides access control certification and fingerprint template enrollment. SSI Staff · October 31, 2008

Even if a building owner had enough foresight to install an access control system during new construction, it would have been very difficult to predict the future and current demand of access control systems. Not only will the security objectives of the facility evolve with mature expansion not too far behind, but a host of outside issues created by standards and regulations will ... August 31, 2008

The most popular historic estate in America, George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, is located 16 miles south of Washington, D.C. and rests on the banks ... April 30, 2008

Ultra-compact badge printers are opening new market opportunities for smaller applications, while other workhorse devices print and encode magnetic stripe cards and smart cards for larger organizations. These new, userfriendly printers are providing security dealers with added revenue thanks to recurring sales of supplies ... March 31, 2008

Here we go again; a different technology, but a similar story. RFID (radio frequency identification) has reached a point of large popularity. It is being used today everywhere from tracking library books, retail items and military inventory to personal identification and security access cards. It is also found in remote automobile access, toll payment transponders, basic smart cards and ... February 29, 2008

Irvine, Calif.-based, HID Global, manufacturer of access control technology, announces the addition of several products to its FlexSmart® Series of MIFARE® and DESFire® contactless smart-card readers and credentials. SSI Staff · March 31, 2007

The Smart Card Alliance (SCA) Identity Council has released best practices guidance for organizations implementing radio frequency (RF) technology in identity management systems ... February 28, 2007

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