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Majority of Security System Professionals Expect to Make at Least One Acquisition Within Next Year

A majority of security system professionals (68%) expect to complete at least one acquisition within the next year, according to a Capital One survey. The survey was conducted at Honeywell Connect 2015.

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With shoplifting and related crimes on the rise, merchants of all sizes are leveraging anti-theft technologies to mitigate their losses. The uniqueness of the retail space can be demanding, but installing security contractors with the right stuff can reap rewards. December 31, 2009

Security contractors are relying on the reach and cost effectiveness of online communications more than ever to win over new prospects and keep existing clientele engaged. SSI’s latest research also finds companies are compensating for economic shortfalls by allocating more of their operating budgets to sales and marketing. By Scott Goldfine · December 31, 2009

SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION is inviting all installing security professionals to participate in our Installation Business Report survey ... October 06, 2009

SSI’s fifth annual Corporate End-User Study shows security directors/managers are preoccupied with budgetary constraints. Nearly nine in 10 say the recession is impacting security-related decisions, with cutbacks and delays rampant. Still, 71 percent plan to increase security measures, with electronic solutions high on the list. By Scott Goldfine · August 31, 2009

Relationships are precious. Whether they are between a couple, parent/child, friends, political allies, professional alliances, co-workers or a business and its customer, relationships are fragile, mutually beneficial connections predicated on achieving a delicate balance of trust. And the quality of the relationship determines the level of satisfaction each party experiences. By Scott Goldfine · August 31, 2009

Looking for ways to protect or grow your bottom line? How about which technologies, services and markets you should pursue? Then look no further. SSI’s 2009 Operations & Opportunities Report is overflowing with the ideas and solutions you need to succeed. By Scott Goldfine · July 31, 2009

Amid today’s business hardships, most security integrators (68 percent) kept their revenues stable or in many cases grew them by more than 5 percent in 2008. SSI’s Systems Integrator Study shows how the thirst for networked surveillance has yet to be quenched and reveals the real effects of the recession. By Scott Goldfine · March 31, 2009

In an instant someone’s life, well-being and property could be at risk. Those in this industry are all too familiar with the dangers associated with fires, crime and illness. That is why security professionals across the nation work diligently to make sure their communities are protected and safe. Occasionally, true heroism is called into action. With the quick thinking of operators, the diligence of local police, firefighters and emergency medical services, and the promise ... August 31, 2008

In an era when superior manufacturing processes and commoditization have leveled the product playing field and economics have caused buyers to be more cost-conscious than ever, service has become the prevalent differentiator. Doing business as a premium service provider entails a top-down company culture predicated ... By Scott Goldfine · August 31, 2008

A case could be made that there is no industry that benefits society more than electronic security. There may be some that are its rival, but electronic security’s purpose of protecting and safeguarding people and property is about as noble as it gets. Just who are the individuals behind the industry championing that virtuousness? Who are the people with the business savvy, technical expertise and salesmanship that have built the industry up and ... By Scott Goldfine · February 29, 2008


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