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System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance Low Frequency Sounders and Sounder Strobes

The SpectrAlert advance low-frequency sounders and sounder strobes by System Sensor of St. Charles, Ill., are the first notification appliances to meet the new NFPA 72 2010/2013 low-frequency requirements…

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St. Charles, Ill.-based System Sensor now provides a full range of accessories that expand the versatility and usability of InnovairFlex duct smoke detectors into a wide range of applications. SSI Staff · June 30, 2009

System Sensor has published a guide on the proper application of system-connected carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in ordinary indoor locations. June 03, 2009

System Sensor has launched a new carbon monoxide (CO) online resource to coincide with the release of its new CO1224T CO detector with RealTest. January 06, 2009

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With the economy as it is and Manhattan being as outrageously expensive as it is, most were quite skeptical of how this year’s ... By Scott Goldfine · October 31, 2008

System Sensor, a manufacturer of fire detection and notification devices, has released its newly revised applications guide covering compliance issues regarding A/V applications for fire and life safety. January 29, 2008

System Sensor of St. Charles, Ill., announces the SW-ALERT and the SWH-ALERT as part of the SpectrAlert Advance line. The products now include amber lens strobes for use in mass notification systems as a visible means to indicate non-fire evacuation, according to the company. SSI Staff · December 31, 2007

System Sensor, a manufacturer of fire detection and notification products, has released a white paper on system-connected carbon monoxide (CO) detectors to remind security dealers, installers and distributors that CO system notification appliance circuits are more reliable when they adhere to UL's life-safety supervision requirements. November 29, 2007

System Sensor of St. Charles, Ill., a Honeywell Fire company, introduces its Mini-Horns, the latest release in its series of audible/visible notification appliances, SpectrAlert Advance. SSI Staff · July 31, 2007

System Sensor of St. Charles, Ill., a Honeywell company, introduces the CO1224, a 12/24V carbon monoxide (CO) detector designed for use with security and fire alarm control panels. SSI Staff · November 30, 2006