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Remembering Brink’s Home Security’s Peder Kolind, Champion of Low-Cost Alarm Systems and Monitoring

Peder Kolind died of a heart attack in 2015, but not before the former head of Brink's Home Security changed the alarm industry. SSI columnist Ron Davis reflects on Kolind's impact on the industry and…

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When Mike Duffy told me his great idea, I just looked at him and for a second, the image of a bus flashed through my mind. I then realized what he was really saying. The companies that we work with are the “buses” in our lives. The quality of the ride and the satisfaction that we get from it is in large part determined by making sure we ... By Ron Davis · July 31, 2008

Wilson has been in the industry for years — probably more than his age would indicate! His company monitors more than 850,000 accounts and is one of the top three largest wholesale central stations in the world. Tony is young, bright and a real pro ... By Ron Davis · June 30, 2008

It seems as though we’ve done a number of columns on this same variation about customers, and of course, you can never run out of ideas and material to write. As I interviewed Pierson at ISC West, I realized she is starting her third career in just the few short years that I’ve known her ... By Ron Davis · May 31, 2008

Divorce. Hostility. Families broken apart. Estrangement. Collapse of family relationships. All are words or phrases that describe what happens when family members in family-run businesses are not ... By Ron Davis · April 30, 2008

The more I examine Pierce’s statement, the more I realized it is not so much that you have to find a new business, but find something that excites you like a new business. Most of us who own companies tend to have family involved in the business. As a result, family drives many of the ... By Ron Davis · March 31, 2008

When I retired from Security Associates Int’l (SAI) as its founder and CEO, I formed a company called GraybeardsRus. It was designed to provide an advisory board experience for small- to medium-size alarm companies that didn’t have an outside board of directors. It seems as though so many ... By Ron Davis · February 29, 2008

I think what Stang really means is that not only do we have to step outside our business and look at it through the eyes of newcomers, but we have to look at other businesses and industries to see what they can offer us in our business. Integration and convergence have become such hot ... By Ron Davis · January 31, 2008

Brett Bean is one of the top young people in our industry. He’s in his mid-30s and has already built a company with operations in Chicago, Detroit and central Illinois. His company will soon be visible to all in a yet-to-be-defined location in the southeast. I would have to say that this company is one of the fastest — if not the fastest — growing alarm companies in the industry. The company has grown through diligence, hard work and ... By Ron Davis · December 31, 2007

This month’s column addresses the subject of customer service, even though we just talked about it last month with Joel Matlin. By Ron Davis · November 30, 2007

What intrigues me about Matlin is the fact that he understands intuitively what makes a ... By Ron Davis · October 31, 2007


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