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The Convergence Channel By Paul Boucherle

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Mining Nuggets from 2013 Gold Book

Professionals and academics within and outside the electronic security industry have come to rely on the wealth of market data served up annually in SSI’s Gold Book edition. Scratching beneath…

Latest in The Convergence Channel By Paul Boucherle

The time has come to stop dreaming or theorizing about what video analytics could accomplish in an ideal scenario and embrace the fact the technology is finally ready to deliver across a range of applications. Today’s analytic solutions offer a wealth of security and business benefits far beyond what was previously possible. By Paul Boucherle · March 06, 2013

Today’s technology and economics has the security landscape shifting faster than ever before. Being successful means keeping your wet finger in the air at all times to assess which way the opportunity and challenge winds are blowing. You must monitor for key trends, three of which are explored here. By Paul Boucherle · January 31, 2013

Thanks to technology and economics, today’s security landscape shifts faster than ever before. Being successful means you can’t keep your head buried in the ground like an ostrich but rather must stay abreast of key trends. Three significant ones are examined here. By Paul Boucherle · January 01, 2013

The shift away from hardware- toward software-based products, systems and solutions is having a profound impact on the electronic security industry. Better understand the definitions and concepts associated with this brave new world so your business can reap myriad opportunities. By Paul Boucherle · December 02, 2012

With many providers offering similar solutions nowadays, distinguishing your business from competitors demands a level of superior service only attainable when everyone is unified and moving in the same direction. This month, discover how to foster teamwork, effectively lead and differentiate your firm. By Paul Boucherle · November 01, 2012

The “convergence” of newer technologies, new competitors and new customer preferences require business owners in the security industry to rethink their business strategies in the future. Learn how to save the environment, your business environment that is. By Paul Boucherle · September 30, 2012

Health care continues to be a fast growing security market for systems integrators. However, long-term success requires sophistication in understanding the market’s unique characteristics and precisely how security solutions can enhance a given enterprise. By Paul Boucherle · September 03, 2012

Video analytics has been both one of the most exciting and maligned technologies applied to security applications. Find out why its promise of automatically detecting events and generating alerts based on surveillance images is no longer fraught with shortcomings. By Paul Boucherle · July 31, 2012

While the stakes are higher, from a competitive and strategic standpoint your business is analogous to a game like chess. We’ll assess what you may encounter and plan your most effective moves to migrate customers to new technology. By Paul Boucherle · July 01, 2012

When most in the security industry talk about converged solutions, they are typically referring to physical and IT technologies merging together. But the concept also applies to the sales process where a converged, company-wide effort promotes higher likelihood of success. By Paul Boucherle · June 12, 2012


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