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Mining Nuggets from 2013 Gold Book

Professionals and academics within and outside the electronic security industry have come to rely on the wealth of market data served up annually in SSI’s Gold Book edition. Scratching beneath…

Latest in The Convergence Channel By Paul Boucherle

Regardless of company size, growing your business with a specific customer can be an exciting and scary experience. Discover the strategies, risks and rewards of engaging in a national accounts program. By Paul Boucherle · May 20, 2012

Leaps in technology and affordability associated with video, networking and mobile devices have greatly expanded the feasibility, demand and opportunities of remotely viewed surveillance video. Learn the steps to bring your clients the solutions they need to more effectively manage safety and operations. By Paul Boucherle · April 11, 2012

Whether it’s systems integrators or end users, human beings are creatures of habit. This means resistance to change that extends to technology solutions such as video surveillance. Learn the steps you need to make to help yourself and client migrate from analog to IP. By Paul Boucherle · March 08, 2012

Making noise about product capabilities alone will not convince or produce added business value. Instead you must roll up your sleeves and do your homework about your customer’s business operation. By Paul Boucherle · February 09, 2012

Security systems integrators are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the trend toward saving energy and sustainability. Providing energy management solutions is a natural extension of the relationships, skill sets and system capabilities already inherent in servicing clients. By Paul Boucherle · January 15, 2012

Systems integrators and customer IT departments are really working toward the common goal of optimizing that organization’s operational efficiencies. Tactics such as reducing task times and expanding network capabilities can help integrators and IT win over executive management. By Paul Boucherle · December 22, 2011

You can increase the demand for network-centric solutions by recognizing the four phases of value creation. Key is determining what value means for each customer. By Paul Boucherle · November 13, 2011

“Training and education are two different things. Training gives you a skill set to perform a specific task. Education provides you with academic theory for problem-solving issues.” — Master Sgt. Juan Lopez, USMC By Paul Boucherle · October 13, 2011

Upselling existing customers improves revenue and profitability for the systems integrator, while providing that customer with additional operational capabilities. Learn how to master the process of moving a customer upward into a more sophisticated, feature-rich and scalable product or service offering. By Paul Boucherle · September 20, 2011

Security solutions have evolved to help organizations make more intelligent decisions. Capabilities that save or earn businesses money are a top priority. Many enlightened security managers recognize this and so should you. By Paul Boucherle · August 10, 2011


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