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The Convergence Channel By Paul Boucherle

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Mining Nuggets from 2013 Gold Book

Professionals and academics within and outside the electronic security industry have come to rely on the wealth of market data served up annually in SSI’s Gold Book edition. Scratching beneath…

Latest in The Convergence Channel By Paul Boucherle

Comparisons are often made between the competition and endurance aspects of athletic activities to pursuits in the business world. Eight tips for riding high illustrate parallels between the convergence wave and cycling. By Paul Boucherle · July 14, 2011

Customers’ businesses and associated needs change quickly today. Therefore, the key to selling them advanced security solutions is fully grasping their unique qualities and leveraging technology to help them achieve their enterprise goals. By Paul Boucherle · June 22, 2011

Further questions are raised and issues addressed about assessing customer needs and expectations to deliver the best possible high definition video surveillance system. The process itself dictates whether an IP megapixel or HDcctv solution makes the most sense ... By Paul Boucherle · May 15, 2011

Offering high definition video surveillance requires weighing customer needs and expectations against the inherent strengths and weaknesses of either an IP- or HDcctv-based solution. The business implications of these decisions are just as critical as the technology choice ... By Paul Boucherle · April 14, 2011


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