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Convergence Channel: Storage Strategies, the Final Chapter

The third in a three-part series on storing video data covers flash storage and how it is advancing security technology. Virtues like greater speed, smaller form factor and cooler operation are…

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One of the aspects of digital video that is becoming more important with technology advancements is image resolution. As we move further into high-definition (HD) or megapixel (MP) cameras, it is important to understand source and viewing image resolutions, and how resolution relates to image quality. April 30, 2010

They don’t call it video security for nothing. People buy CCTV systems, for the most part, to provide a level of security. Whether it’s for live monitoring or gathering evidence after the fact, we sell these systems to allow people to feel safer, to keep things more secure. March 31, 2010

In this converged, digital age, bandwidth (the maximum amount of data that can be sent along a transmission medium) has become one of our most precious resources.< February 28, 2010

As a general rule, the more technology improves, the easier it is to implement and use. Morse code telegraphs that only a few people were trained to use gave way to the ubiquitous telephone. January 31, 2010

One of the most important components of any IP network is also the one that is most overlooked - the cabling. Without proper cable, and cable installation, the network just won't function right. December 31, 2009

With the current economic climate, it is becoming crucial for systems integrators to place greater emphasis on providing value to their customers, and not just a technological solution. The technology is part of that value, for sure, but equipment is becoming more of a commodity while that necessary value proposition remains more elusive. November 30, 2009

The differences and functions of various pieces of network hardware have been discussed many times in this column and many other places, so this time I want to focus on one specific device: the network switch. October 31, 2009

In today's economy everything seems to be shrinking. Sales numbers are down, revenues are down and customers aren't spending anywhere near as much as they did just a couple of years ago. September 30, 2009

It isn't news that the Convergence Wave opened up a variety of ways to move video over long distances. As long as sufficient network bandwidth is available, a video stream can be sent literally around the world. August 31, 2009

When we last visited the concept of wireless in this column, we spoke primarily about the protocols and standards that define the wireless networking environment. July 31, 2009


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