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Convergence Channel: Storage Strategies, the Final Chapter

The third in a three-part series on storing video data covers flash storage and how it is advancing security technology. Virtues like greater speed, smaller form factor and cooler operation are…

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Our industry is event-driven. No matter how much we try to predict where our markets will go, it will be a situation, somewhere in the ... October 31, 2007

In nature, the collision of two opposing currents can cause turbulence: the riptide. As the Convergence Wave moves closer and closer toward the shore, we are starting to ... September 30, 2007

One thing I know we sometimes fail to think about, if we’re not used to working in a networked environment, is the need to protect devices from attack. An important thing to remember is that anytime you allow a ... August 31, 2007

In the beginning, there was Xerox. Xerox created the first practical graphical user interface (GUI) for ... July 31, 2007

When we talk about the Convergence Wave, especially in terms of technology, it is generally understood that those on either side have some amount of ... June 30, 2007

One of the concerns I have heard from end users and systems integrators alike is, “I just bought this system two years ago. Do I really have to throw everything out to get into networked video?” ... May 31, 2007

Ever since the personal computer revolution of the early 1980s, industries of all kinds have been looking for the “killer app” — that one application or use of technology that makes it all worthwhile, that gives something real value in a marketplace ... April 30, 2007

It’s in all the magazine articles, all the trade shows and all the conferences. It’s seemingly everywhere we turn in the security industry, whether in video, access control, whatever. It’s enough to strike fear in the hearts of traditional integrators everywhere: Convergence ... March 31, 2007


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