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Drones Are No Longer Flying Under the Radar

A Phoenix Unmanned Vehicle University official is voicing concern about the proliferation of consumer market drones. But the emergence of drones also poses video surveillance revenue opportunities.

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The drones will provide additional security to go along with the many thousands of state troopers, emergency personnel and volunteers. SSI Staff · April 13, 2017

The 2lb SIGINT sensor acts as a foundation that can be used in drone detection solutions for businesses with sensitive materials. SSI Staff · March 09, 2017

Drones have more to offer than delivering Amazon packages. Read on to discover all the payload applications waiting to be taken advantage of. By Andy Von Stauffenberg · January 27, 2017

Stipulating that operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) be insured to cover damages in the event of a mishap would be a positive step for the drone industry, the author posits. By Andy Von Stauffenberg · December 23, 2016

The sale will see Prox Dynamics integrated into FLIR's unmanned aerial systems line of business operating within the surveillance segment. SSI Staff · December 21, 2016

Unmanned aerial vehicles so far have been used only in testing, but are ready now to assist in operations such as search and rescue and SWAT operations. SSI Staff · October 04, 2016

The new exhibits and educational event dedicated to aerial drones and ground robotics will be held within ISC West in 2017. SSI Staff · September 23, 2016

Unmanned aerial vehicles are well-suited to one day take over human-operated tasks, such as dropping water on hotspots to prevent the spread of fire early on. SSI Staff · September 16, 2016

The FAA wants to set a national policy on drones, which could conflict with numerous state and local laws, plus hundreds of proposed bills. Rodney Bosch · March 14, 2016

Connecticut legislators are debating a bill that would allow police to use armed drones in some crisis situations. SSI Staff · March 03, 2016


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