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Why Video Verification Is Seeing More Success

Technology advances and crumbling costs are helping video verified alarms penetrate the security marketplace. Thanks to benefits that include better security and likelihood of apprehensions, as well as…

Latest in Verified Response

July 31, 2006

Police in the Northern California city of Modesto have announced that they will be the third city in the state to institute a total verified response policy. April 06, 2006

A new alarm ordinance establishing fines for excessive false security system alarms is now in effect in St. Louis. June 21, 2005

November 30, 2002

Eight Clark County police agencies have set a precedent on burglar alarm response in an effort to combat the false alarm problem. The procedural order alleviates the burden on local law enforcement, and the area has seen a 40-percent drop in burglaries, despite a doubling in population. May 31, 1997


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