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Security Stakeholders Launch Global Initiative ‘Securing Smart Cities’

Members of the not-for-profit program aim to solve the cybersecurity challenges smart cities face through collaboration and information sharing.

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The July issue of SSI includes a far-reaching roundtable on the subject of video surveillance innovation featuring experts from eight industry-leading manufacturers. My discussions with each participant was more indepth than the confines of print would allow so here is another in a series of extended offerings. I encourage you to review each of them and compare and contrast how each subject views security video innovation, its ramifications, and innovation in general. Up this installment: Willem Scott Goldfine · July 18, 2013

In this exclusive Q&A, Steve Surfaro, security industry liaison for Axis Communications shares what innovation in the video surveillance market means to him, which innovations hold the greatest upside and why, and much more. Scott Goldfine · July 16, 2013

Recent tragedies at educational institutions, such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, will drive the market for school security system integration in the United States to increase by more than 80% from 2012 to 2017, according to research analyst IHS. July 16, 2013

In this exclusive Q&A, Surveillance Systems Integration President Todd Flowers calls upon his more than 20 years of industry experience to address how video surveillance innovation is affecting his business. Scott Goldfine · July 07, 2013

Avigilon President and CEO Alexander Fernandes sheds light on the firm's recent acquisition of access control provider RedCloud. In this Q&A, find out why Avigilon decided to enter into the access control space, what the acquisition means for both companies, and what integrators can expect from this transaction. Ashley Willis · June 02, 2013

Just as previous deadly attacks have served to raise awareness for electronic security measures, the Boston Marathon bombing has refocused attention on the role public video surveillance can play in identifying and apprehending perpetrators. By Rodney Bosch · June 02, 2013

The Albuquerque Police Department's new Real-Time Crime Center features a bank of 16 television screens, including a 90-inch monitor, and eight work stations. April 24, 2013