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Like agents on a fact-finding mission, wholesale distributors investigate the industry landscape to uncover clues about trends and emerging technologies long before identifying the product lines that will grace their warehouse shelves. That intelligence-gathering endeavor is a key element that helps bind the dealer-distributor alliance. It is the foundation for one of ... By Rodney Bosch · July 31, 2008

Technological advances offer a reliable license plate capturing system that can operate effectively in nearly any condition. These tips and tricks will help you understand the opportunities your company can gain from offering this technology to new and existing customers. Click to view April 30, 2008

The world of thoroughbred racing is one of breathtaking excitement, mystique, blue bloods and, above all, high stakes. So when the proprietors of Lexington, Ky.-based Stonestreet Farms decided to safeguard their equestrian fortunes they did not — pardon the expression — horse around. They elected to “pony up” for ... By Scott Goldfine · April 30, 2008

The amount of criminal activity increases during nighttime, which makes it that much more important to have a security system that operates effectively 24/7. Nearly all cameras can produce a decent image during daytime hours, but when night approaches, the system becomes compromised. Therefore, nighttime performance determines the overall effectiveness of ... March 31, 2008

To safeguard a security system from an intruder’s effort to defeat or circumvent an alarm, security contractors should be thinking about innovative ways to prevent such an action before it ever occurs. Have you ever thought about integrating “decoy” equipment into your security system design? What, if any, impact do diversionary installation tactics provide to ... Jeff Zwirn · February 29, 2008

February 29, 2008

As part of a new construction project, you install a camera with a fixed focal length lens. What happens when the user isn’t happy with the resulting view? You change the lens. What if you add a card reader to a system and there is a protocol compatibility issue? You swap out the reader. Fortunately, these problems have relatively simple solutions. But there’s one aspect of such a project that usually isn’t so easily remedied: ... December 31, 2007

Networked video surveillance systems are at the forefront of the convergence of IT and physical security. However, no matter what the delivery method, the proven, time-tested principles of CCTV system design remain vital. Applying these theories to IP-based systems can help overcome some inherent shortcomings. March 01, 2007

3VR Security of San Diego introduces 3VR Version 5.0, a video surveillance platform capable of federating facial surveillance data, enabling face watch lists, alerts and searches across distributed systems. SSI Staff · February 28, 2007

As networked video becomes more prevalent, security contractors are faced with either learning the technology or greatly limiting their relevance. To a large extent, however, it is a case of fearing the unknown. Aside from some new terminology and basic concepts, the fundamentals of troubleshooting network-based systems are similar to those of traditional surveillance systems. September 01, 2006


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