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More and more cities want homes and businesses to register their surveillance cameras with police to help respond to crimes and 911 calls. Indianapolis hopes to model their program after the robust one in Atlanta. Stephen Sellner · March 11, 2016

Town officials in Wethersfield, Conn., want to install video surveillance systems at six of its seven schools. However, they want to open up the project to a bidding process because they believe the price tag is too high. Stephen Sellner · March 09, 2016

Advancements in low-light video surveillance have changed the game when it comes to producing clear, usable images of intruders, burglars and others. As the camera technology continues to improve, so do the applications for security dealers and even national security. By Al Colombo · March 09, 2016

Check out the latest moments captured on video surveillance, including a woman who survived a tornado thanks to a miracle, a man suffering a heart attack saved by EMS, and so much more. Stephen Sellner · March 04, 2016

A proposal was approved in Syracuse, N.Y., that will add video surveillance cameras to a dangerous neighborhood. However, one councilor is against the cameras and is in favor of increased policing instead. Stephen Sellner · March 04, 2016

It took less than 24 hours for Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith to see the return on investment for the surveillance cameras she bought on her own credit card for the jail. A massive fight was recorded by the security cameras, which resulted in only moderate injuries. SSI Staff · March 04, 2016

Francine Barnes' home was robbed by two men Monday morning. She believes the same two men beat her son to death in an attempt to get the alarm system deactivation code. One of the attackers was seen on video surveillance. SSI Staff · March 02, 2016

Security Grade Protective Services recently launched an offering that combines remote video surveillance and mobile patrol units. SSI Staff · March 02, 2016

Check out the latest episode of the SSI Video Weekly News as we shed light on programs across the country asking citizens to register their outdoor private security cameras to assist in criminal investigations. SSI Staff · March 01, 2016

City officials in Savannah, Ga., are reaching out to state leaders to fund a program that will install video surveillance cameras around the city. SSI Staff · March 01, 2016

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