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A Security Integrator’s Guide to IT Functionality in Video Surveillance

Hyper-converged infrastructure is driving significant disruption in enterprise data center server and storage, and this trend is poised to greatly benefit physical security and video surveillance solutions…

Latest in Video Surveillance

The fatal stabbing of a woman while running has a resident in Simsbury, Conn., calling for better video surveillance by installing roughly 90 security cameras on the road where the tragedy occured. SSI Staff · December 30, 2015

The Rose Bowl and Rose Parade will feature additional security measures, such as "rapid response" teams, video surveillance cameras, bomb-sniffing dogs and radiation-detection devices. SSI Staff · December 29, 2015

Police have video surveillance from a convenience store to thank for the arrests of three men connected to multiple robberies in Taylor, Texas. More than 20 security cameras helped capture video of the crime. SSI Staff · December 29, 2015

Hundreds of crimes have been solved thanks to the Metro’s central command center for all video surveillance footage. SSI Staff · December 28, 2015

A Christmas Decorations thief turned himself in to police after seeing video surveillance of him performing the act on the news. SSI Staff · December 28, 2015

Check out the top moments captured by video surveillance, including a man who makes an unfortunate mistake while passing through airport security. SSI Staff · December 28, 2015

SSI asked eight security professionals for their industry predictions for the upcoming year. Scott Goldfine · December 23, 2015

The Houston Police Department is reevaluating when it will release surveillance videos of officer-involved shootings or complaints, especially with the implementation of body security cameras. SSI Staff · December 21, 2015

Hikvision USA Inc., announced the launch of their new Value Plus video surveillance product line. The series includes 2 MP and 4 MP indoor/outdoor cameras, and features include Hikvision’s Basic Smart Suite of video content analysis, wide dynamic range and H.264+ compression. SSI Staff · December 21, 2015

A family's video surveillance system helped police arrest two suspects after security cameras caught the two stealing packages off porches. SSI Staff · December 21, 2015


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