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Visit to IDIS Reveals End-to-End Solution Strategy

A recent tour of the video surveillance specialist's U.S. headquarters in Coppell, Texas, lends insight into how the company is living up to its promise of providing the U.S. market with a "total surveillance…

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Check out the latest episode of the SSI Video Weekly News as we shed light on programs across the country asking citizens to register their outdoor private security cameras to assist in criminal investigations. SSI Staff · March 01, 2016

City officials in Savannah, Ga., are reaching out to state leaders to fund a program that will install video surveillance cameras around the city. SSI Staff · March 01, 2016

Transitioning away from the "open platform company" concept, Milestone Systems used MIPS 2016 to explain to its integrator and vendor partners a new go-to-market philosophy based on an "open platform community." Rodney Bosch · March 01, 2016

Check out this week's best uses of video surveillance, including security camera footage of a man saving his young son from an oncoming car. SSI Staff · February 26, 2016

The Cranston Police Department is asking homeowners and business owners to register their outdoor video surveillance cameras to provide police more access to video footage of crimes when conducting investigations. SSI Staff · February 25, 2016

In an attempt to have greater access to video evidence of crimes, Los Angeles suburb Manhattan Beach is asking homeowners to register their outdoor video surveillance cameras with the police department. Jason Knott · February 24, 2016

Young Chevrolet in Dallas hired Eyewitness Surveillance to replace its previous security solution of security guards and has already reaped the benefits of the video surveillance. SSI Staff · February 24, 2016

Megapixel cameras and associated devices are revolutionizing the video surveillance world. Given a proper match of system design and application, the technology’s advanced capabilities are enabling superior results for both security and management purposes. February 23, 2016

Surveillance footage of a string of robberies at nail and beauty salons in Chicago was released to the public last week. Now, one of the two suspects has been arrested. SSI Staff · February 23, 2016

After surveillance cameras led to the arrest of a man accused of murdering a University of Virginia student, the city is hoping to expand its usage of security cameras on the Downtown Mall. SSI Staff · February 22, 2016


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