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A Security Integrator’s Guide to IT Functionality in Video Surveillance

Hyper-converged infrastructure is driving significant disruption in enterprise data center server and storage, and this trend is poised to greatly benefit physical security and video surveillance solutions…

Latest in Video Surveillance

Young Chevrolet in Dallas hired Eyewitness Surveillance to replace its previous security solution of security guards and has already reaped the benefits of the video surveillance. SSI Staff · February 24, 2016

Megapixel cameras and associated devices are revolutionizing the video surveillance world. Given a proper match of system design and application, the technology’s advanced capabilities are enabling superior results for both security and management purposes. February 23, 2016

Surveillance footage of a string of robberies at nail and beauty salons in Chicago was released to the public last week. Now, one of the two suspects has been arrested. SSI Staff · February 23, 2016

After surveillance cameras led to the arrest of a man accused of murdering a University of Virginia student, the city is hoping to expand its usage of security cameras on the Downtown Mall. SSI Staff · February 22, 2016

This week's edition of Surveillance Videos of the Week features a gruesome attack on a bus driver in Brooklyn. Other videos include a hit and run as well as a donation jar stolen at a store. SSI Staff · February 19, 2016

Six months after video surveillance cameras were installed in downtown Ogden, Utah, business owners are happy about the reduction in crime. The security cameras also feature flashing blue lights on the light poles. SSI Staff · February 19, 2016

Washington, D.C. has officially launched an incentive program that offers rebates for the purchase, installation and registration of exterior video surveillance cameras on homes, businesses, nonprofits and religious institutions. SSI Staff · February 18, 2016

Two pedestrians on the Golden Gate Bridge were shot by darts from a blowgun on Friday afternoon. Video surveillance on the bridge failed to capture the incidents as investigators try to find out who the gunman is. SSI Staff · February 18, 2016

Lowell, Mass., had set aside $500,000 in the budget for a gunshot-detection system. But after a significant drop in armed robberies and gunshots, the city is now using that money to add more video surveillance cameras to high-crime areas. SSI Staff · February 17, 2016

In an attempt to reduce crime, the Santa Maria Police Department is hoping to receive funding from city council for more video surveillance cameras. The security cameras would cost $90,000. SSI Staff · February 16, 2016


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