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The Year 2000 and its promise of date-related computer woes are less than a year away. Security insi

To score high marks when bidding on a CCTV job, know the equipment that you sell, create a full-serv

Asking the right questions of a client can save you time and money when designing a CCTV system. Cam

Banker George Revelle was facing life behind bars in the 1994 shooting death of his wife. Then, alar

Education Moves to Head of the ’99 Class

Imperial Security Systems Inc. in Watervliet, N.Y., installs virtually everything (including the inv

Security Sales asks veteran security professionals what they foresee as key trends for the industry

Northern Voice & Video Inc., formerly known as Northern Communications Inc. in Sudbury, Ontario, Can

Improper cable runs and lack of education are problems that can plague a CCTV install. These problem

Follow-up report by Security Sales shows dealers, police and end users are generally pleased with co

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