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SNG 2016 Revolves Around Interconnected Systems and Security Connections

Securing New Ground 2016

Security is the most natural base for the connected home, but delivered through a unified interface. That was the word at “The Maturation of the Alarm Dealer: Reshaping the Channel.” There was a bit of a disagreement among the panelists of the merits of DIY, with some seeing it as an offering traditional dealers should include in their offerings and others saying at best it is a wait-and-see proposition.

“Self-installed systems can help the industry move beyond the 20% market penetration rate by offering products without long-term contracts. It appeals to millennials and renters, and can open up untapped opportunities,” said Linear/Nortek Senior Vice President of Product and Market Development Duane Paulson (left).

“We are offering DIY based on customer requests. It alleviates installation costs but it does require more time on the phone with them,” said My Alarm Center President and CEO Amy Kothari.

“I believe the new bundled and improved systems are the way to push penetration higher with the existing professional installation market. There is still lots of low-hanging fruit in the pro install market,” said Comcast Xfinity Home Senior Vice President and General Manager Daniel Herscovici (second from right).

The panel noted that live events such as births, break-ins, divorces, new careers and pets are indicators of security/connected home interest. WeSuite President Tracy Larson (right) served as session moderator.

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