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SNG 2016 Revolves Around Interconnected Systems and Security Connections

Securing New Ground 2016

During “IoT: Embracing Opportunity and Managing Risk,” the panel emphasized that just because something can connect to the Internet does not mean it should. “A solid foundation of security skills has never been more important because technology can amplify something in both a good or a bad way,” said Allegion Vice President and Futurist Rob Martens (right). “It’s a great time for being a security integrator. The canary is already in the room with residential systems, which will push into commercial. Balancing convenience and security is key.”

Lenel CTO Ewa Pigna added, “Proactive maintenance is a huge opportunity for integrators as it pertains to the IoT and cybersecurity.”

Also pictured on the panel is Jeff Spivey of Security Risk Management. The group also knocked around the concept of IoST, Internet of Security Things, and how it is not to be confused with Internet of silly things or Internet of stupid things.

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