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SNG 2016 Revolves Around Interconnected Systems and Security Connections

Securing New Ground 2016

The proliferation of sensors will make the physical world as easy to track as activity on the Internet is now through analytics and metrics. That was among the messages delivered during the “Data Mining Using Information to Anticipate or Prevent Disaster” panel.

“Deploying enough sensors, perhaps in conjunction with smartphones, can yield a wealth of information on the physical world in much the same way we see from the Internet today in terms of metrics and people’s activities,” said Brivo President and CEO Steve Van Till (second from left).

“Integrators need to align with cloud providers to get into the Big Data game,” said Geofeedia CEO Phil Harris (second from right). Also pictured is moderator Chris Peckham of Kratos PSS (far right) and Nightingale Security CEO Jack Wu (far left), whose company specializes in deploying surveillance drones.

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