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SNG 2016 Revolves Around Interconnected Systems and Security Connections

Securing New Ground 2016

Day 2 of SNG 2016 got underway with “The Reality of Cybersecurity: Is It a Battle or an Opportunity for Change?”

“Breaches are not avoidable. It’s about how our products, safeguards and policies handle them. It’s about what we can and must control,” said Secure Channels Senior Vice President of Solutions Engineering Adam Firestone (middle).

“Integrators must be diligent in who they pick as product partners, and must work with end users to make sure they are engaged in best practices. They must also have IT on staff who understand this environment and can work with IT departments,” said Siemens Security Segment Head Jim Lantrip (left).

“The digital and physical world are forever interconnected now, and that is how we must face it. It is critical to look for indications of irregularities on the networks,” said Crowdstrike President and CSO Shawn Henry (second from left).

“We are actively educating dealers and integrators on best practices and routinely conducting penetration testing on our products,” said Hikvision Sales Engineer Duane Djie (second from right).

Arecont Vision Vice President of Global Marketing Jeff Whitney (far right) served as moderator.

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