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TMA Mid-Year Meeting Examines Monitoring Beyond Usual Use Cases

The research firm views the connected health device market offers a big opportunity for professional monitoring services in the future. “The next frontier of services for the consumer and enterprise is certainly the health care market. There is just an enormous opportunity to be able to serve people in their homes,” Parks said.

A number of new connected health use cases begin to emerge when considering all the different devices that are coming into the home, as well as the variety of data that they collect. These include remote patient monitoring for chronic conditions or patient monitoring after being discharged from the hospital. Others include diagnostic support for telehealth consultations.

“Sensors and devices in the home can proactively monitor and support loved ones safely and independently in their own homes, and bringing forth new use cases, really as a direct result of COVID-19 to help proactively monitor one’s own health care and perhaps those of loved ones,” parks said. “So again, this is a huge area where we continue to watch and see a lot of growth and expect there to be a lot of opportunity in the near and long-term future.”

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