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TMA Mid-Year Meeting Examines Monitoring Beyond Usual Use Cases

The research firm saw a dramatic increase in telehealth usage in 2020. According to the firm’s latest data, last year 41% of broadband households used a telehealth service, compared to just 15% in 2019.

“This is this is huge growth for the industry, and really shows the change that has taken place with health care delivery. And when we also ask about what the likelihood of using telehealth services in the future, 41% said that they were either likely or definitely would use telehealth again,” Parks said.

Parks said it is important to understand that the level of familiarity with specific services is extremely correlated to the likelihood of using them again. “So there’s going to continue to be a lot of marketing efforts and education from employers and insurers about these kinds of services and how they can help consumers get checkups without having to go into the doctor’s office.”

Parks Associates is expected to release updated research in this area during the summer.

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