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Honeywell Connect 2017 Inspires Dealers to ‘Differentiate, Disrupt & Deliver’

John Robuck, managing director, security finance at Capital One, discussed key industry metrics and trends. Among the topics, he laid out why debt can help drive additional growth, and what a lender is looking for in a borrower. Here are few bullets points of interest he touched on:

  • A significant majority of the market is still held by small security dealers.
  • Attrition is the most important metric when valuing a company.
  • The security alarm market is estimated at $55 billion. Installation and other revenues ($28 billion) are said to be growing ~4% YoY, and  monitoring and service revenue ($27 billion), ~7% YoY

Robuck strongly advocated that companies of all sizes seek advisement from business peers.

“A board of advisors is important , even if your are not going to be formalized. This helps companies think outside the box,” he said.

A company with, say, $500,000 of RMR may want to meet informally on a regular basis with 2 or 3  advisors. Whereas larger firms are best suited to create an actual board to interact with, he explained.

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