ADT CEO Tim Whall to Retire Nov. 30; Successor Will Be Jim DeVries

DeVries, currently ADT’s president, will replace Whall who will remain on the company’s board of directors and serve as an adviser.

BOCA RATON, Fla. — ADT (NYSE: ADT) on Tuesday announced that CEO Tim Whall will retire Nov. 30 and Jim DeVries, currently president of ADT, will be promoted to chief executive.

DeVries will be appointed to the company’s board of directors following the transition, according to an announcement. Whall, an SSI Hall of Fame inductee, will remain on the ADT’s board and serve as an adviser to the company.

“The Company has strengthened its core operations and is successfully executing on its strategy, and both the Board and I believe that now is the right time to initiate this transition of leadership responsibilities,” Whall states in the announcement.

Whall continues, “Jim DeVries has led many of the Company’s recent operational and strategic improvements as Chief Operating Officer and President, making him well-positioned to succeed me as Chief Executive Officer. Today the fundamentals of our business are strong and I am confident that under the leadership of Jim and the current management team, ADT will continue to perform and deliver on its long-term growth plans.”

Jim DeVries will be promoted to CEO in December. (Photo courtesy ADT)

DeVries joined ADT as COO in 2016 and has served as president since September 2017. Prior to joining the company, he held senior leadership roles at leading companies in the insurance, financial services and telecommunications industries, including most recently as executive vice president for Allstate brand operations.

Before joining Allstate, he was senior vice president of human resources at the Principal Financial Group and vice president for corporate services and human resources at Ameritech’s monitoring and security services division.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead this talented team as we continue to drive operational excellence with the customer as our true north. Together, we will execute our strategies to innovate the customer experience, enhance our service capabilities, and deliver value for all stakeholders,” says DeVries. “ADT, including our dealer partners, has an exciting future ahead and I am energized by the opportunity to further establish the Company as an innovative leader. I look forward to working closely with Tim to ensure a seamless transition.”

In the announcement, Marc Becker, chairman of the ADT board of directors, thanked Whall for his many contributions to the company.

“Tim is a thirty-year pioneer in the security alarm sector, and over the past two years, has led the effective transformation of ADT operationally and allowed the Company to deliver an enhanced customer experience through faster service delivery and higher quality customer care, while reducing costs and customer attrition,” Becker says. “Through this laser focus on customer service and retention, as well as a more disciplined and robust customer acquisition strategy, Tim and the ADT team have positioned the business for continued strength and value creation.”

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20 Responses to “ADT CEO Tim Whall to Retire Nov. 30; Successor Will Be Jim DeVries”

  1. Lisa Ruck says:

    Good Morning,
    I left a rather unpleasant message about ADT Security yesterday, after waiting all day for service after a break-in attempt. I would like to add that Mr. Jimmy Simpson came out to our home last night and did an excellent job! At last, someone who knows what they are doing! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Jimmy Simpson! You deserve a raise for going above and beyond and after hours as well! I was finally able to rest knowing my home was secure with new video cameras too.

  2. M. Reid says:

    Good evening,
    To whom it may concern
    I have been trying to get ADT to pick-up there property from my home. I feel that ADT is trying to Bully me into a contract. A gentleman came to my home to educate me on the ADT security system and maybe do a security installment. I contacted my present security company learned I had 8 months until my contract would be complete. I Notified the ADT tech. He left his security censures at my home, email me a contract I never signed. When call ADT to notify them of this, they immediately told me I will be responsible for 75% of the total cost for a three year contract. Please keep in mind. I haven’t a signed contract nor is the security equipment totally installed This has been on going since 10/26/2018. I will not be Bullied. Please would someone look into this situation.

  3. Ed Wilson says:

    To the President of ADT CEO Tim Whall or his Successor Jim DeVries
    This is in reference to a recent purchase that I made with you company out of Augusta, Georgia for cameras and security system for my Salvage yard and home. I spent over $5,000.00 dollars for the systems.
    I was told that I could not purchase the cameras that I would have to buy them on a monthly basis. Finally after numerous telephone calls and meetings I finally was able to purchase the cameras. After writing a check for both places I get my bank statement in and find out that your corporation has taken an additional $98.00 out of my checking account without my knowledge or approval. I have contacted the sale representative and she has been working hard to get my refund for $98.00 return. I have talked with the Augusta, Georgia office and done a three way with someone in your corporation that gave me a bunch of bull about refunding my money. After explaining to him that I already paid and no one had the right to take any additional money from my account without my consent I was told that a refund would be return to me in 7 to 14 days. This has been over one week and still no refund. Talked with the sales agent today (11+13+18) and was told that a check was susposely sent out and I have been unable to contact the agent since. In addition to that I paid for a rotating camera for my salvage yard and when the cameras was put in they did not have a bracket to install the camera so they put a non rotating camera in and said they would order the brack and it would take 7 to 14 days. Well it been over a week (7 Days) and still no bracket. I call the agent who told me that it would not be in until sometime after the 21 or 24 of November. This service is unacceptable especially taking money from someone checking account without their approval or consent. I would like to have my money overnight.

  4. Michael Friedberg says:

    Why would anyone trust the security of their home and family to people as dishonest and untrustworthy as the employees of ADT and Defenders?
    I answered an add from ADT in September to have my home secured for $27.95 per month with $850 worth of free equipment and $100 reimbursed for the installation. Without making me aware, the Installer set me up with ADT Pulse for $52.99/month. I called him the next day to either drop the price down to $27.99 as agreed upon or remove all equipment. I was told EVERY MONTH since then, that the price would be dropped, but only to $36.99/month, This still has not happened. I had to contact the Florida Attorney Generals Office. I WILL NEVER TRUST ADT. REMOVE YOUR EQUIPMENT.

  5. William Conroy says:

    Dear Mr. DeVries, i recently terminated my lengthy service with Brinks and letter with ADT. When I attempted to cancel the service I given the hard sell to remain an ADT customer.
    I cancelled the service after a phone wait of over 1/2 hour. I was informed, when I asked what I owed, the CSR told me that I owed a cancellation fee.

    I never signed a contract with ADT and appealed the fee three times. I was told to write at letter to Aurora, Colorado. I wrote a letter to appeal the charge bu on 1/7/19, but have received had any reply.

    I respectfully ask you to help me in waiving this fee.

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated assistance.
    Bill Conroy

  6. Heidi Strohmaier says:

    Hello Mr. Devries,
    I signed up with ADT July 27, 2018. Due to the malfunction of your equipment, and numerous calls to Defenders and ADT. I have written more than 3 letters to the address in Aurora, Co. I called several times regarding the 6 month money back quarantee. At first I was told ADT did not have a 6 month return policy. After repeated calls, I was finally able to speak with someone regarding this. I told her I had written the letters regarding this matter. In order to qualify for this, an ADT technician would have had to come to my residence more than 3 times. I told her a technician had come out more than 3 times during the 5 months I had the service. I was then told it would have had to be an ADT technician, not a Defenders. I had problems within the first 90 days, so why does that not count? A Defenders representative was going through a list of all the times I had called, and the several times a technician came out to service my equipment. On Feb. 6, 2019 I spoke with Scott (CSR
    Rep). He said he would call me back with all the details regarding the equipment and details on dates a technician came to my residence.
    I have yet to receive a call. ADT continues to call me regarding my monthly service charge. Each time I explain the situation they claim they had no information regarding the letter I sent. They gave me the same address I had sent it to. I told her I did not use the equipment and she informed me to send it back to the address in Aurora, Co. The equipment was professionally uninstalled. I am still waiting for a call back from a Supervisor at Defenders and a Supervisor from ADT. I am asking you to resolve this for me, because apparantly no one else knows the policies of ADT and Defenders.
    Thank you.
    Heidi. Sacramento, Ca

  7. Tatiana says:

    Hello everyone,
    I had unpleasant experience with the ADT and would never recommend anyone to use their services.
    The reasons are: system often malfunctions, even though these notices are sent to the ADT, technical support or ADT doesn’t even care to call and find out why there is a system malfunction for extended period of time (months).
    Another reason, their cost is ridiculous and they chose not fully disclose information. For instance, I received a letter stating: ” Dear Valued Customer, We are writing to confirm that ADT has reduced your monthly monitoring rate of 48.99 plus applicable tax to the new rate of $24.50, plus applicable tax. =Your bill may vary depending on your billing frequency.” For a year I believe that my fee is what they say it is “24.50 +”, not until I called to disconnect them I learned that the fee of “24.50 +” was only for two month. A representative argued with me that I was wrong even though I read a letter to him. The company chose not to disclose the time frame from me making me believe that I was paying a reasonable price . When I stated that they simply lied to me all this time, a representative stated: ” Well, you can call the CEO of the company” .
    For over a year my system doesn’t work and I have been simply giving away money to ADT. Knowing that this would be such a waste, I would rather donate these money to sick kids and to elderly. Mr. DeVries, if you care, you will implement some positive changes before you retire.

  8. Gerald murray says:

    I was a customer of ADT for 8 years they started to raise my bill it was not cost affective to keep adt with the new ring with the camera which goes to your phone ,iPad and computer you can call the police yourself and have the prof for the police. I called adt to cancel all they wanted to hear was what the problem was, I felt they was not taking me seriously even after I said I wish to quit adt.
    One month later I received another bill. Had to again then he stated that there is 30 day that I had to pay. Even with there door bell camera the cost is not cost effective, that even with all there other stuff no! You can buy your own equipment like nest and other and save money

  9. Deborah Harris says:

    My 85 year old mother referred her 90 year old friend to ADT but could not receive her $100 Refer A Friend bonus because neither of them have a computer or email. It is unfair to penalize senior citizens by denying them rewards they are entitled to simply because they don’t have an email address.

  10. Kim Kennedy says:

    ADT is just awful to its customers. After 9 years, I finally moved to Vector.

  11. miriam shapiro says:

    ON August 1 2018 I purchased a ring doorbell which I was told was a hard wire doorbell not requiring batteries. Today, June 17 2019, I noticed on my phone that it was not connected to my wifi. Ring advised me that the doorbell which ADT sold me as hardwired needed to be charged when its internal battery ran down.

    I was deceived by the ADT salesman who sold me this doorbell. I want what I was told I was buying. A hard wire doorbell. Please advise.

  12. ??? says:

    When You steal from customers like me i guess retirement comes easy… Pathetic

  13. N. Tolbert says:

    To the VP or CEO of ADT,
    I have been a customer with ADT since 2008. I had a year contract with you. I only got the security service because my dad, who was living me at the time had medical problems including dementia. I did not have any problems until my contract ended. When I notified ADT about my services, they said if I signed up this time, it would be a three year contract and they would have to take it out of our checking account automatically every month. I didn’t like that but keeping my dad safe was more important. August 2018, my dad passed. I called ADT to end the monitoring because I didn’t need it anymore. It started out well with a young lady helping me. She said that we were no longer under that three year contract but it would be month to month and I could discontinue the service (without the monitoring) anytime that I wanted it to. The price began to change when I received my statements. I started receiving harrasing calls about the new fees, so I cancelled my service completely and no longer wanted to be a customer with ADT. I received a call today, 10/10/2019, stating that I had a balance of $224.74 and they still wanted to make a deal to cut this amount in half. I said no, I will pay you off because my services was discontinued on 9/26/2019. She stated that she did not see were I had cancelled my service at all. She stated that I had hung up the phone the last time they talked with me. I told her yes I did because I was tired of them calling me when my services was discontinued. I called your customer service and left a message for someone to call me. I hope that you do. If no one reaches out to me, my next step will be to contact the Better Business Bureau.
    Thank you,
    N. Tolbert

  14. silvia amarilla says:

    Hello Mr. Devries,

    I not only had to speak with 3 different people to cancel my service but there was an agreement that all equipment would be removed from my rental property when i signed up for ADT. I am getting nowhere with your people and the last email, i requested contact information to a manager and the response was ‘GOOD DAY” I am now involving an attorney as this equipment must be removed by end of next week. This is not an acceptable way to do business. You have lost my business in my next property and i will make sure to spread the word to everyone i know and on social media to alert people of this scam.

  15. Angela Williams says:

    On the week of November 4th 2019, I called the number provided on a promotional flier I received in the mail for a home security system. The flier was a promotion for $850.00 worth of equipment for 27.99 per month. Once the sales rep answered, I informed him that I was looking to upgrade my existing system which was monitored by Brinks Security. The Sales rep told me that a tech could come out and examine the system I currently had and recommend equipment and pricing during the appointment. I scheduled an appointment for November 11th. On Monday November 11th a tech showed up and walked through the house to identify what type of equipment I currently had. The tech then informed me that he needed to remove my keypad to check my system to make sure it was working and to see what equipment he would be able to use from the existing system. I asked him before he removed the keypad, if I decided not to purchase an ADT’s system, was he going to put my system keypad back in place. He assured me that he would put it back the way he found it. He then asked where my main security box was and I showed him the location. Before he touched anything in the main box, I asked again if he was going to put my system back in working order if I did not purchase a system from ADT. Again, he assured me that he would put everything back the way he found it. The tech showed me the different features of the system and then recommended several packages. After a long back and forth about pricing and equipment, I decided the recommend system was not affordable and I told the tech I was not going to move forward with the upgrade. The tech then called his manager and they went back and forth over the phone. We were not able to get an affordable package that included cameras which was the reason I wanted to upgrade. The tech then gathered up his ADT equipment started taking it to his car. He returned to remove the ADT keypad from the wall. Shortly after, he informed me while walking towards the door that he was not going to reinstall my keypad or rewire the main box. He told me that it would be a liability if he touched or reinstall my current system monitored by Brinks. I was shocked and felt taken advantage of due to the fact that the tech assured me he would put my system back in running order if I decided not to purchase a system with ADT. Now, I am stuck with no working security system and I am a single parent living with my children without the peace of mind that my family is protected. This type of treatment is unacceptable and should not happen to anyone. I would never have allowed the tech to remove my current system had I known he would not be able to return it to working order. This was a misrepresentation of the truth to try and sell me a system even if I was unable to afford it. Now my current company (Brinks) cannot come out until December to reinstall my current system.
    I expected the ADT techs return my system back to the original state that they found it. I also expected the techs to be honest with customers when giving an estimate and not take apart a homeowners equipment without authorization and then not put it back to working order. The techs should notify the customer that once the old equipment is removed, they cannot put it back. I also believe that ADT techs should get signed authorization before removing existing equipment.

  16. Juanita Gandy says:

    I have been a customer for 5 years with ADT. The most awful security company ever. I terminated my service on September 15th. I was told it would need 30 day termination so I said okay got my case # and they charged me the 70 dollars. Here it is 2020 still having the same problem me saying I called to cancel talked to 3 or 4 people got all their names but the horrible customer service reps there are lacking in training or common sense. I left emails with several cooperate personnel but still nothing I even left a message on their headquarters business. Maybe the horrible customer service is the direct lack of concern from cooperate and the higher ups. ADT is about the worst choice I ever made. I am now with ring and the service is OUTSTANDING. Now I have ADT harassing me everyday even though I have asked them to stop. I will have to get a lawyer if it continues.

  17. Wow, seems to me you have a management problem. I am here in Mexico with the same horrific customer service, but in Spanish, which I don’t understand. I thought I was alone with these problems. To the customers above, I understand. The lights are on, but nobody’s home.
    Anyone thinking of investing in this stock…beware!

  18. Juliette Romero says:

    I am a disabled client of ADT. I have lived in a a very safe town for 20 years. Then in 2019 burglar, stalker, hackers descended upon me. I have had to leave my home 2 times & stay in a hotel for my & my 12& 4 year olds saftey. Yes they are animals but they are dependent upon me for their safety.And the system is hackable!! You would think they would want to upgrade with that info but no. And I am not a techie. So because they are afraid of bad publicity they have given me a 30 day cancellation notice. The key fob is still my lifeline. So feed me to the wolves because your system works at times. There will be a new company being developed that will knock adt out of the water. In the meantime DeVries needs to remember “You reap what you sow” And Karma comes with interest, swiftly now days. Totally disgusted!!

  19. Niema Jordan says:

    I’m a resident out of Missouri that would greatly appreciate a moment of your time. I have been treated with disrespect and belittled regarding my adt service. A single mother of two children a 14 year old son and 19 year old military daughter. A career employee with a degree in Criminal Justice that deserves respect and to be treated with dignity. I have heard over several inconsistent stories from adt representatives to even one out of the presidential team. First, I was told I deactivated my service after I made a complaint about the subcontractor forADT that came to my home a few months ago to update my system. Secondly, I was told I verbally abuse a representative via the phone but when firmly stated I have never and please produce a call (recording) showing other wise they again change the scenario. Finally, they said someone from the branch office stated they didn’t feel safe and they no longer wanted to service me. I’m 5’3 and I have never been arrested let alone been a threat to anyone nor do I ever want to be. in any criminal active and would never threaten or hurt anyone. With the state of our country I want to at least feel safe at home and think extremely highly of ADT just not to highly of a few rude unprofessional employees. I’m disappointed and in shock with how easily a person or persons can defame my character and affect my household protection. Please if you could look into this with unbiased eyes I would greatly appreciate it.

  20. Anne Preston says:

    ADT (and the others) are worthless. I’m 71-years-old and my home was broken into the day after I had it installed. And they continued to break in every time I went out. Their basic technology is 25 years old. Someone can stand 10 feet outside my door and deactivate it. I took a picture of my keypad that said, “Beware: Bypass Active”. How can that happen if the system is so good, and even when I’m home? I don’t know why I had to pay $1,000 when they offer their $899 system for free. That young man who installed it really took advantage of me. And now they’re charging me $322 for the equipment I can’t get off the wall, and no longer have access to. They refuse to credit me for that charge. Read this 6-year-old article and see how great the system is: You’re wasting your money. Buy a good guard dog.

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