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9 Wireless Applications to Help You Upsell Your Security and Life-Safety Systems

3. Panic Buttons

Panic buttons exist to protect individuals from personal harm, and are usually tied into security panels to provide instant alerts to internal security personnel or law enforcement in the case of an emergency event. There are two kinds of panic buttons: fixed and mobile. Fixed panic buttons can be installed anywhere in a facility — a receptionist’s desk, for example — and tied to a location, which can be sent with the alert. They can be either wired end points or wireless.

Mobile panic buttons are carried by staff and provide the same benefit: immediate notification in the case of an emergency event. They can be added to any security panel just as easily as fixed panic buttons.The activation of a panic button can also be integrated to alert law enforcement, internal security, and provide mass notification to everybody in the facility within seconds. When integrated into a complete security system, they can trigger pan/tilt/zoom (p/t/z) cameras in the area to focus on the threat, or even initiate a facility lockdown.

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