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9 Wireless Applications to Help You Upsell Your Security and Life-Safety Systems

5. Gunshot Detection

Gunshot detection systems use acoustic and infrared sensors to immediately detect firearm discharges. They can even pinpoint the location of the gunshot on a map, and provide the shooter’s movements as he or she moves through the facility. Because the profile of a gunshot is so specific, and most detection systems use a combination of different types of sensors, false alarms are nearly nonexistent. Gunshot detection is available for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The greatest advantage is the ability to send an alarm within seconds of a firearm discharge, alerting law enforcement and anybody in the area, without the need of human intervention. As with panic buttons, a gunshot detection system can trigger cameras, which, combined with location information, provides critical information to both law enforcement, as well as security and staff within the facility. Also like panic buttons, they can be integrated to initiate automatic lockdowns.

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