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9 Wireless Applications to Help You Upsell Your Security and Life-Safety Systems

7. Photobeam Detectors

Besides pull stations there are opportunities for other wireless devices in outdoor applications. Photobeam detectors, for instance, offer a battery-powered, wireless point-to-point perimeter solution. These are most often used to create a security perimeter beam system in outdoor locations, often along a perimeter fence. Because the photoelectric detectors are battery-powered, the need to trench and run cable for powering the devices is eliminated.

Photobeam detectors are particularly useful in high-value outdoor locations where there is not a significant security presence. For instance, the utility substations that make up our country’s electrical grid have long been known to be a soft target for vandals, copper thieves and even terrorists. Perimeter protection can send alarms the minute there is an unauthorized intruder at a substation.

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